John Kline : Our children’s education should not end at high school


Our children’s education should not end at high school John Kline believes our children are America’s greatest resource, and their education is critical to the economic well-being of our country. We can no longer accept a broken system in which only roughly 30 percent of eighth grade students have basic reading and math skills. As […]

John Kline Gets a Much-Deserved Award


Give John Kline an award and he is likely to tweet about it … Honored to receive award from Nat'l Assoc. of Workforce Boards for my efforts on bipartisan workforce training law. — John Kline (@repjohnkline) June 22, 2015 It’s a nice award … yet, as much as John Kline wants to remind voters […]

95.4% of Minnesotans Disprove John Kline Claim That ObamaCare is Flawed


John Kline seems to be on a holy mission … it’s painfully obvious the American people deserve better. That is why I will continue to be laser-focused on solutions that will help lower health-care costs, expand access, protect patients, encourage job creation and, ultimately, protect Minnesotans and all Americans from the unfortunate consequences of Obamacare. […]

Poll Brings Bad News For John Kline


The disclaimer, or some variation thereof, is a prominent part of any financial statement and is appropriate for in the political world — “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”. While the past does not always predict the future, it sure seems like the views of the voters have not changed. Case in point […]

Kline OpEd : Checking VA Off the Re-Election Bucket List


John Kline’s recent OpEd offers a fake solution while providing no real fix to the fundamental problems at the VA … but that is what is expected from someone so focused on fashioning a re-election image. Let’s be honest … Members of the House of Representatives are in constant re-election mode … fundraising takes up […]