State Of Play For MN Congressional Races

Overall, Minnesota will have at least 4 very competitive races in 2018. It is very possible that District 2 and 3 could switch to Democratic – while 1 and 8 could switch to Republican. The national mood will certainly play a factor. Brace yourselves – it will be a bumpy ride.

Democracy’s Sword of Damocles

Let’s review some things about the 2016 election…. 1) Cambridge Analytica stole the data of 50 million American Facebook users. Facebook knew about it but did not follow up to stop it. 2) Russia used a troll farm to weaponize false news stories and spread them thoughout social media. 3) Cambridge Analytica admits that they […]

HR4909 : Inept GOP House Embraces Weak School Gun Bill

John Kline, former Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee, warning after the Sandy Hook massacre should ring in the ears of today’s Members — (as reported by MPR) : “The sort of knee-jerk reaction to say, ‘We just have to pass a bill and make this stop’ doesn’t work,” Kline said. “It really takes […]

The Answer Is Marijuana

I have long been an advocate of legalizing marijuana. The evidence of this being a harmful drug are lacking and the incarceration rates relevant to it are completely out of line.

Harassment in MN House – Buried Facts and No Action

by Dave Mindeman The House report on harassment policy after the Cornish cases, finally came out and only a small portion was made public. Once again, the House internalizes its dirty laundry and expects the public to be satisfied. Remember when Erin Maye Quade, Lindsey Port, and Jamie Becker Finn called for an outside task […]