#SilentKline ignores #MomsNotMaids


Minnesotans are glad that the “GOP is waging a War on Women” debate is over. Kaput … thanks to Mike McFadden. “I think that Jim Hagedorn needs to apologize for the inappropriate comments he’s made on his blog. His writings do not reflect Minnesota values,” wannabe-Senator Mike McFadden, said assuming ownership of the MN-GOP. Yep, […]

Taxpayers Deserve Better Than GOP Monkey Business

House of Representatives

Speaker Boehner is known for his outbursts … for example, during the midst of last October’s government shutdown complaining ‘This isn’t some damn game!’ … yet this video from the taxpayer paid Office of the Speaker provides a real glimpse into the thinking of the Republican House. The Speaker of the House is little more […]

John Kline Receives Award For Being Anti-Worker


Mark your calendars now … for September 17th for a little “wheat beer” sampling … To celebrate National Whole Grains Month, the American Bakers Association (A.B.A) will host its second annual Bakers’ Dozen Awards Reception, recognizing Chairman John Kline (R-MN-02) for his support of the baking industry. The 2014 A.B.A. Bakers’ Dozen Award recipients have […]

A Fair Question That Keeps John Kline Away From the State Fair


Sorry I missed 2nd District Day at the Fair today. Can't wait to get to Fair & get my root beer float. #FBF pic.twitter.com/hoVShq98Qt — John Kline (@Kline4Congress) August 22, 2014 Gosh, anybody surprised that John “PAC Man” Kline would miss a chance to “meet in the district with constituents and discuss the issues important […]

Paulsen asks : How many more students have to die?


Did you read Erik Paulsen’s OpEd : How many more students have to die ? The answer, Representative Paulsen suggests is approval (by blaming the government) and not in affordability and availability (which the government can do something about … but will Representative Paulsen?) Let’s get a little background from Representative Paulsen’s blog post : […]

PAC Friend Respond to #DirtyDenier$ John Kline Cash Plea


The Natural Resources Defense Council, which works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth, recently recognized Minnesota’s Second District Congressman John Kline. ICYMI: Who might be happy with #DirtyDenier$ @repjohnkline votes and his silence? Boich Companies & Murray Energy. http://t.co/RwFPvKJxil — NRDC Action Fund (@NRDC_AF) […]

The League of Women Voters Await a Vote on H.R. 3899


August 18th marked the 94th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which granted women the right to vote — the Republican House of Representatives leadership recognized the event by ignoring it … just as they have ignored the need to permit a vote on James Sensenbrenner’s (R-WI-5) H.R.3899 : Voting Rights Amendment Act […]