For Kline, It’s Days Of Our Lives; For Obermueller, It’s GOTV Bus


“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.” As the final days of the 2014 campaign wind down, John Kline and Mike Obermueller are doing what they have been doing … taking different paths. John Kline is spending more of his campaign warchest … $102,875.50 for television advertising from October 27 […]

Kline Uses Attack Ads, But Obermueller Gains Endorsements On Issues


John Kline has amassed $2,662,460 in campaign contributions this cycle (through October 15) and has received the endorsement of the Star-Tribune newspaper … as well as some pretty quick congratulations @StribOpinion Endorsement: John Kline "a strong record of getting serious legislation enacted" — Dan Hazelwood (@HazelwoodDan) October 25, 2014 For those that don’t know […]

TWEET THIS TUESDAY Election 2014 Time 2 Clean House and De Kline


Election 2014: Time 2 Clean House and De Kline Congress! Because Americans deserve a Champion working for them; Not a Chump working for the Fat Cats of For-Profit schools. If you agree, will you tweet?  Thanks! .@EdWorkforce NO2 @Kline4congress as chair Workers need a Champion 4 Up Min Wage! #FireKlineClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule .@EdWorkforce NO2 @Kline4congress as […]

Inaction by Chairman Kline on Child Sex Abuse Deserves Media Scrutiny


The Star-Tribune has endorsed John Kline for another term … citing his successes … (yeah, I know it is hard to understand the statement that Chairman Kline deserves credit for “steadying student loan interest rates” when rates have risen and students find they are “steadily” paying more each year) … but there is another claim […]

Mills, Emmer, Paulsen Top Latest Fundraising Leaderboard


If you received any emails from the various congressional campaigns, you have heard the message We are almost out of time to close our fundraising gap. There’s no time left. If we don’t fight back now, we’ll have zero shot on Election Day. It’s going to take a Herculean effort to close this gap. But […]

GOP Insiders Whine That Obermueller Ad Lies


Why is Mike Obermueller on my TV lying about John Kline? Go away. #MN02 — Andrew Wagner (@andrewwagner) October 24, 2014 Gosh, after dissecting John Kline’s first ad “Deliver” … a faux-positive message which is factually distorted … and then his second commercial “He Looks” finding that Mike Obermueller is being blamed for supporting legislation […]

Kline’s Votes Prove Obermueller’s Numbers


In a rather crass attack ad, John Kline approves a commercial entitled, “He Looks” which portrays Mike Obermueller as someone who is looking for ways to spend “your money.” Crass, because it takes the footing from Mike Obermueller’s 2012 campaign ad “Numbers” and inserts its own verbiage altering the original Obermueller message. And like many […]

Kline Moves For-Profit Donations To Other Campaigns


John Kline cares. Well, John Kline cares to keep his gavel as Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee. And apparently, so do some of his “regular” supporters … like Henry G. Herzing, President of Herzing College who made a $3,500 contribution to John Kline’s personal PAC … as did CAPELLA EDUCATION COMPANY PAC […]

Kline Attacks Obermueller on Breeding Bird Atlas Vote That Pawlenty Approved


As voters are talking about the student debt crisis, income inequality, a fair tax system, and worried that the Republicans will takeaway their healthcare, John Kline has approved a “new” television commercial which ignores those issues to attack Mike Obermueller. “new” because it really it isn’t new … first, the Kline For Congress campaign has […]

John Kline Gavel Review ~ Four Years of Wait Til Next Year


The ECM newspapers have endorsed Mike Obermueller to represent Minnesota‘s Second District next term … and stated their reasons. Other newspapers may soon be doing the same … let’s hope they consider what was expected once John Kline was empowered as Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee versus the ideas of Mike Obermueller. […]