Medical Device Tax Doesn’t Seem to Impact CEO Pay

If you read MNPact post “Poor, poor, poor Medtronic” you had to suspect that the CEO must have earned his bonus in spite of the “onerous” 2.3% Medical Device Excise Tax … but may have wondered, what about the other CEO’s of leading medical device firms. Well, consider … Kevin Lobo Chairman and CEO, Stryker […]

John Kline Votes Against Cutting His Budget 1 Percent


Can you find $11,674.65 in John Kline’s spending that you would cut ? Well, John Kline apparently cannot as he voted NO on an amendment to cut 1% from H.R. 2250 – the appropriation to fund his congressional staff and other legislative functions (the cut would have excluded Capitol Police, the Sergeant at Arms, and […]

House Republicans Reject Housing Support for Homeless Veterans While Promoting Armed Forces Day


According to Republicans, they are looking out for veterans … Today marks #ArmedForcesDay. We honor those who answered the call to defend our great nation—today & everyday. — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May 16, 2015 And Monday, they took action Honoring the Armed Forces, House passes six #vets bills: — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May […]

John Kline and Scott DesJarlais Heed Don Draper Advice

Kline and DesJarlaisedited

As Mad Men comes to its television run, it seems only appropriate to consider Don Draper’s influence on politicians. Let us remember that Don Draper has worked on behalf of Republican candidates for President (pro bono work with Nixon. Draper says: “Kennedy? Nouveau riche, a recent immigrant who bought his way into Harvard. Nixon is […]

John Kline Abortion Bill Passed, Next Up Personhood


According to respondents during John Kline’s Tele-Town Hall meeting, House’s priorities were clear : #KlineTTH results: 42% say gov't spending & debt should be Congress' top priority. Nat'l security – 19%; Jobs 16%, Healthcare 11%, Educ. 9%. — John Kline (@repjohnkline) May 5, 2015 So after another week’s recess to “tele-talk” with constituents, what’s up […]

RNCC Attack on Angie Craig Exposes Kline Agenda


RollCall reported that the DCCC say they have two qualified candidates ready to challenge John Kline in 2016 and it appears that the RNCC is already taking note … with a warning about Angie Craig … closing the post with an appeal for money “Help fight liberals by donating today.” The highlights of the post […]

Who to believe : VFW, American Legion or John Kline ?


The Selling of Chairman John Kline is based on a simple spin — he doesn’t follow Washington orders, he works across the aisle for commonsense solutions with a primary mission of protecting veterans (and children). Spin. And John Kline’s May 1st press release has spin … John Kline Supports Bipartisan Legislation to Ensure Veterans Receive […]

John Kline : Yes, you can Serve, but don’t Dream of citizenship


Did you read John Kline’s recent press release : HASC Approves Bipartisan National Defense Bill which Includes Key Kline Provisions WASHINGTON – The national defense bill, which includes several key provisions championed by Minnesota Congressman John Kline, passed the House Armed Services Committee earlier this morning with strong bipartisan support. The Fiscal Year 2016 National […]