Too Much To Keep Up With

As the outline of what happened in 2016 comes into focus and what continues to happen now regarding our elections, I get a little annoyed with people that say I am just a Trump hater and that has clouded what I think. I didn’t like W. I wasn’t fond of Reagan. And Poppy Bush was […]

Hagedorn Hype : Authors American Workforce Employment Act That Will Benefit Few (but prime for campaign literature)

Finally, MN01 Congressman Jim Hagedorn has authored his first legislative bill … on September 24, 2019, H R 4469 the American Workforce Employment Act was introduced. Note : Some constituents may have read that Congressman Hagedorn “is author of the Student Empowerment Act” … which implies that he was the originator and driving force behind […]

Articles of Impeachment

The list goes on and on…..and yet, we know the Republicans in the Senate would never convict on impeachment, even though the evidence is self explanatory and done in the open. We are living in sad and maddening times.

This Is Your Economic Leader

President Trump has been frustrating everyone in the business and agriculture world with tariffs on China. He says that the tariffs are paid for by China, not American consumers. And now he wants all businesses to withdraw from manufacturing in China and bring their work back to the United States (of course this doesn’t apply […]

The Ongoing Myth of Immigrant Welfare

We found that immigrants use 39 percent fewer welfare and entitlements benefits per person than native-born Americans. Immigrants are less likely to use the individual programs in most cases and, when they do, the benefits they receive tend to be smaller.

GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan Is Addicted To The Kool-Aid

Jennifer Carnahan is the chair of the Minnesota Republican State Party. She weathered a challenge at the last convention and starts her second term. Quite a rise for a person who attended her first caucus in 2016. And she is now married to first district congressman Jim Hagedorn. But she IS a Trumper. Hook, line […]

America the Cruel

Our President is scaring kids. Not just scaring, he is terrifying them. This child does not know where her parents are. They were arrested by ICE and she doesn’t know where they are or if she will ever see them again. No kid should ever have to go through that. Doesn’t matter where they are […]