No Kidding ! Darlene Miller Reacts to “Washington Special Interest’s Darling Angie Craig”

Darlene Miller

The DFL endorsement of Angie Craig for Minnesota Second District brought a quick response from the Darlene Miller for Congress committee : Washington Special Interest’s Darling Angie Craig Today the DFL in the Second District unsurprisingly endorsed far-left liberal Angie Craig after the special interests in Washington hand-picked for this seat. Craig’s solution to every […]

John Kline Channels For-Profit School Donors To Darlene Miller


Before Primary Election Day, Republican voters in Minnesota’s Second District are likely to receive a mailer promoting the “Grandma Small-business Owner Conservative Darlene Miller” as John Kline’s replacement in Congress. The information will be glowing in praise … leaving the question, who paid for it? Was it the neighbor with the ABC sign (Anybody But […]

Playing Politics : Chairman John Kline and Opioid Legislation


In January 2014, the question was posed : Will Sex-trafficking Save the GOP ? The inference was that the DoNothing House needed something to show they were not part of the DoNothing Congress … and sure enough, when the elections rolled around there was John Kline and Erik Paulsen prominently using the sex-trafficking issue in […]

Dave Hughes launches “Throw them all out” campaign in MN07


MNGOP Second District Forum March 31 Moderator: Good evening candidates and welcome. We’ll begin with your opening statements. Let’s start with Gene. Gene Rechtzigel: Praise to the power that hath preserved and made us a nation. “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just. And this be our motto: in God is our […]

Congressional Travel to Manila : Yes; Tel Aviv : Big Yes; Flint : No !


While the Senate is in session, the House continues in “recess” … supposedly in “District work sessions” … ya know, getting to talk issues with their constituents. Which makes you wonder who they have been talking to ? You may have seen the recent Strib story and OpEd about congressional travel … well, specifically, Erik […]

After Kenya Trip, Harris, Noem, Paulsen and Smith Should Sponsor H.R. 3706


During the first weekend of March, Irene Harris, Kassidy Noem and Cassie Paulsen visited three different locations in Kenya to see a wide range of local health programs impacting maternal and children health. They also meet with community members and government officials. Oh, don’t worry … they didn’t travel alone … they were joined by […]