Abortion is Not Murder

The arguments are weak. The emotions are high. The tactics draconian. But that is where we are…sinking into a reproductive crisis where the rights of women suffer the most.

Game of Budgets

Logic seems to side only with the Democrats. As usual the governing philosophy of Republicans has nothing to do with logic or even meeting the real needs of our state. The GOP is always willing to keep kicking the can (which is seriously dented by now) down the road, while education and road repair continue their patch work methods of funding.

Make America Hate Again

There are many reasons Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to be president. Besides implementing many foreign policies that would benefit Russia internationally and economically, he wanted to support Trump’s ability to sow social disruption and conflict among and between social groups in the United States. And Putin knew that is exactly what Trump would do. […]

Mary Kiffmeyer – the Anti Senator

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer is really not a legislator or a Senator. She is just an opposer. It is almost hard to believe that once upon a time she was Minnesota’s Secretary of State. Hard to believe that she once oversaw our state elections, because she is not pro-voting, she is for restrictive voting. Somehow, Mary […]

It’s Complicated

As we watch Joe Biden try to figure out how to answer for himself….and as I think back to Al Franken, there has always been a few things that occur to me.