Thoughts On The MN DFL Governor Endorsement Contest

by Dave Mindeman The DFL convention is coming up in about 10 days – so let’s see where we stand. In the race for Governor, we still have three candidates. Rep. Erin Murphy, State Auditor Rebecca Otto, and Cong. Tim Walz. General consensus says that Walz has a lead in delegates but it is not […]

The NFL And The Trump Flag

by Dave Mindeman The NFL capitulated to Trump. Yes, they prostrated themselves in front of the orange one and followed the will of the President. And the First Amendment is the victim. NFL players are not disrespecting the flag. They aren’t stomping on it. They aren’t burning it. Although those acts would be justified under […]

MNLARS and the Republican Blame Game

So here’s why the headline is misleading. Whether or not Dayton signs the bill, the MNLARS system will be messier either way. The MN GOP has guaranteed more mess, because they want it that way. They think they have no responsibility (wrong) for the MNLARS problem and they continued hanging this around Dayton’s neck for the entire session

MN03 #PhotoOpErik Paulsen Pushes Weak NRA-acceptable Bill

Apparently Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen is alternating between the carrot and the stick for his re-election campaign. First, he tweeted support for the “stick” when President Trump announced he was leaving the Iran Deal. My view on today's Iran Deal decision: — Rep. Erik Paulsen (@RepErikPaulsen) May 8, 2018 Yep, President Obama opted […]

It’s About Competing Now For Change Later

We cannot get that problem addressed until we have enough Democratic votes in Congress to move for change. It really is as simple as that. We will have to have well funded Democrats win these seats this fall to have any hope of getting campaign finance changed to a more fair and accountable system.

Woe Unto The Hypocrites

The evangelical mind is not really a Christian mind. No, it has become a pure political rationalization machine. Let’s take the case of Franklin Graham. Regarding Trump, his recent statements include this: Graham actually said Trump’s sex life is “nobody’s business.” His paying off a PORN star is “nobody’s business.” His affair just months after […]

In The End, Gun Safety Regs Will Be Dependent On The Ballot Box

Yesterday, Kurt Daudt had this view on gun legislation: When asked specifically about expanding background checks, Daudt, R-Crown, responded that “behind-the-scenes” conversations between lawmakers are happening “to reduce putting guns in the hands of potentially dangerous criminals. I know we all share that goal. … I hope those conversations can be fruitful and we can […]