There Must Be Consequences

Yes, Republicans are too far gone. They have sold out to the gun lobby. And there is no purchase price big enough to get them back – because the NRA would just match it anyway.

Non-Action Is A Violation Of Public Safety

by Dave Mindeman This happens nowhere else on earth. Another school shooting, a really bad one, in Florida. And the above phrase is what keeps getting repeated in my brain. Why is that? We don’t have a higher number of mentally ill than most countries. Our society is open, but not more than other western […]

MN03 : PhotoOp Erik Paulsen Copies Kline While Avoiding Trump

It’s February 2018 … but you might think it is February 2014 … let’s refer to this MN Political Roundtable discussion : In February, the “gregarious Grandpa” invited 400 people to celebrate his “Stars of the North” presenting Congressional Certificates of Special Recognition “One of my greatest honors is the chance to recognize the generosity […]

Nunes Memo: Partisan Whitewash

by Dave Mindeman The Nunes memo (a term that will be infamous) was released under objections of the law enforcement community. Just a brief skim of this memo has all sorts of problems. Here is what I see: The “dossier”- compiled by Christopher Steele (Steele dossier) on behalf of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and […]

Ostrich Oversight

by Dave Mindeman We are in the midst of a rolling Constitutional crisis. And everyone in the Republican Party are the enablers. Paul Ryan stands at a press conference and has the audacity to claim that he is just doing his oversight job – and that “transparency” is the cure. There is no transparency here. […]

In CD2 – Angie Craig Is Our Best Hope

by Dave Mindeman Well, sorry, but I have to venture into the CD2 race once again. We are getting some sketchy accusations from some of the Erdmann supporters – and I think it needs serious clarification. First of all, I would like to indicate that Angie Craig and I have had some candid and frank […]

A Closer Look At Those Corporate “Bonus” Announcements

by Dave Mindeman Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform is keeping a running list of American companies who are adding employee benefits “because” of Trump’s tax plan. So far they list 270 companies – affecting 3 million Americans. Let’s put that in a little more perspective. 1) The American workers getting these benefits is less […]