No Laughing Matter, John Kline Should Cry


QUERY : What if Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School on Leech Lake Indian Reservation wasn’t in northern Minnesota, SHOULD Chairman John Kline have known about the school’s condition ? ANSWER : YES ! Today’s Strib article is an eye-opener : After hearing on poor state of Indian schools, Rep. John Kline doesn’t know whether to laugh or […]

It’s Earth Day 2015;
and I hate ticks and mosquitoes

bloated tick

  A blood engorged Wood Tick, or maybe just a fossil fuel donation engorged Republican   On the recent news feeds one of the series of stories, not only here in Minnesota, but also in Iowa and other states have involved the very costly incidence of avian flu outbreaks in both turkey and chicken industrial […]

Donors Sending Checks Now for John Kline Primary Challenge


Buried in the Strib story “After easy re-election, Rep. John Kline hits snags in the more conservative House” is a reference to campaign fundraising … back home in the Second Congressional District, the seven-term congressman has two formidable Democrats aggressively raising cash in hopes of replacing him next year. Angie Craig, an executive at St. […]

MN06 Tom Emmer : Caging and Debt


Brett Neely had an interesting profile of Minnesota’s Sixth District Congressman Tom Emmer … As a conservative talk radio host in the Twin Cities, Emmer didn’t pull any punches when talking about Democrats. “They’re destroying wealth in the United States of America because they hate wealthy people unless they’re paying for their campaigns,” he said […]

John Kline -vs- Minnesota Corn Growers Association


“If you’re making gasoline out of corn- you’re not using it to feed people or animals.” – John Kline said during his April 9th TeleTown Hall. [Note : Be sure to read John Kline’s TeleTown Hall comments on Islamists and a nuclear Iran.] WOW …. that’s a shift for a guy who likes to promote […]

April 14 2015 : John Kline Votes Against Family Leave


As it has been mentioned before, John Kline supported the Republican Study Committee’s Blueprint for a Balanced Budget. That plan lowering non-defense discretionary spending to $405 billion in FY16, which is less than the Republican-controlled Budget Committee requested ($493.5 billion) … and sure to mean cuts for education, Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, etc. […]