Constitutional Crisis

Consider this. If any President feels strongly about getting something that he or she feels is important, the Trump administration is experimenting with, in essence, doing away with Article 2 and shuffling money around in any manner chosen to meet a declared artificial crisis.

Trump Is A Traitor

We as citizens should not stand to have a president who appears to be hostile to the interests of our country and only does things to ensure and promote his own interests and those of our adversaries. These are the traits of a traitor. And Donald Trump seems to fit easily into this role.

If Putin Were President

So, if Mr. Putin were actually the one elected, what would he have done in office. Clearly everything would have been focused on destruction of the US and strengthening of Russia on the world stage.

After Trump Shutdown costs the United States economy $11 billion, MN08 Stauber wants to Empower the “Imperial President” with more Tariff Authority

I miss John Kline … well sorta … don’t get me wrong Angie Craig is a vast improvement … but sometimes Kline would say thing that just made sense. Take shutdowns … remember when Kline said “Minnesotans don’t want a government shutdown. I’ll continue to fight on their behalf and call on the Senate to […]

Anti-Vaxxers….Dangerous Ideas

Recently at a Legislative Town Hall there was a coordinated effort to bring the idea that vaccines are dangerous to the attention of MN legislators. It was performance art and devoid of rationality. As a retired pharmacist, this raises all sorts of red flags. And unless we properly educate the public, I fear that we […]

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana

During a press conference that talked about the dangers of marijuana, an argument ensued about police tactics in enforcing marijuana laws. And a woman who wanted to talk about her son getting killed in a car accident by a driver who was high was shut down from speaking. It was a somewhat raucous news conference. […]

The Cost Of Having Trump As President

As the government sits in shutdown, there is very little evidence that Trump has any idea of the pressure he is putting on our economy. In fact, his policies across the board are forcing this economy into a massive slowdown, if not an eventual full out recession. This shutdown will lower GDP. Trump won’t see […]