Paulsen Offers More Sign-up Time as 437,693 Seniors Will Lose Medicare Cost Plans

The House today, via a voice vote, approved H.R. 6662 “Empowering Seniors’ Enrollment Decision Act of 2018” which was authored by Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen. It’s a great sounding bill … “Empowering” to allow seniors to make their own decisions. Too bad, Congressman Paulsen doesn’t accept the blame for why seniors will have […]

Is This The Trump Economy?

Most political analysts believe that the only way Trump is surviving this presidency is because the economy is doing so well. Trump’s continuous talking points relate around that point. But is Trump responsible for how the economy is doing? Is this really “his” economy? The evidence would indicate that he is merely a placeholder for […]

Doug Warlow? Attorney General? A Very Bad Choice

Republicans, in their desperation, have decided that they want to make Keith Ellison the face of ALL Democrats in the 2018 election. Now, granted, Keith Ellison has a definite problem to deal with – but when Republicans choose to ignore all of their own little skeletons, it doesn’t really carry much weight. And Keith Ellison […]

The Politics of Mind Numbing Negative Stupidity

Robert Bierman is a DFL candidate for the Minnesota House in District 57A. He has never run for office before. He has quietly gone about the daily task of operating a family business. He has never lobbied. He has never advocated for anything at the legislature. Never testified before a committee. And just to be […]

The Trump Levels of Incompetence – There Are So Many

I may start jumping around in this post about the level of incompetence in this administration because I frankly do not know where to begin or end. Trump is a disgrace as a President. There is just no other way to describe it. He has insulted people, he has attacked people, and his administration is […]

Meet Erik Paulsen’s Beer Buddies

In the flurry of tweets promoting the Paulsen Tax Cut, Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen writes “The U.S. economy is hurtling along at midsummer and shows little sign of slowing down…putting more money in Americans’ pockets and pumping more cash into the economy”. Sounds good … yet it somehow ignores the cost of everyday items […]

On the Matter of Keith Ellison

A potential for a unifying Democratic MN Primary got quashed by allegations of domestic violence against AG Candidate and current Congressman Keith Ellison. I’m trying to get my head around this and maybe we can walk this through together. First of all, Keith Ellison’s name will be on the Democratic November ballot for Attorney General. […]

2018 Minnesota Primary – Thinking Out Loud Again

Yesterday’s primary had a lot of moving parts – and we need to examine the whys and hows. The revelations on Lori Swanson regarding her use of staff for campaigns sank this campaign. She faded quickly as results came in. She still won up on the range, but she was a very distant third in […]