GOP Dysfunction Over LWCF Shines Spotlight on Emmer, Kline and Paulsen


I love spending time in the outdoors and honored that I recently recieved the Friend of the National Parks Award. — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) July 24, 2015 Yeah, Erik Paulsen loves spending time in the outdoors … and the “Math Guy” says that Washington must do more with less. Well, one thing that Congress […]

HU&W : John Kline Has a Long To-Do List for Veterans


Today we pause to honor those men and women who chose to serve our country and defend freedom. #VeteransDay — John Kline (@repjohnkline) November 11, 2015 Pause, Yes Remember, Yes HU&W, NO. Military veterans are all too familiar with HU&W … Hurry Up and Wait … or for today’s veterans, it is also known HU&W&W&W&W […]

Seniors on Alert : MN-02 GOP Candidates Have No Sacred Cows


For years, John Kline has promoted the idea that he would protect seniors … as stated in his press release One of my guiding principles is that we must keep the promises we make. Medicare provides critical assistance to tens of millions of Americans. Those already receiving Medicare should not have to worry that their […]

Mary Lawrence Wants Money; Angie Craig Wants Debates


Ah, don’t you love this time of the month … when campaigns near and far fill your email-box with “Got $5” “Are You In?” “Bad News” “So Close” in the title bar. In Minnesota’s Second District where Republican candidate John Howe has already set the target at $3 million for the campaign (not including the […]

MN03 : Erik Paulsen Unresponsive to Health Responders


They said it was over … it would take an Act of Congress to save it … and with a June 30th deadline, The Heritage Foundation declared that it was time to end the “slush fund for the government to pick favorites and give taxpayer dollars to a handful of well-connected special interests.” And The […]

Erik Paulsen and Tom Emmer Have Different Answer Than John Kline


October 4, 2015 Dear Friends, For too long, the White House and Congress have been engulfed in self-created crises and cliffs. The private sector doesn’t operate this way; the federal government shouldn’t, either. Americans sent their elected representatives to Washington to tackle the tough issues which include long-term solutions to runaway spending and debt. Last […]

Al Franken’s Medical Loss Ratio Impact on ObamaCare


Every time you hear John Kline passionately say that ObamaCare is a “fatally-flawed health care scheme” that is “wreaking havoc” ask him what he thinks of Al Franken’s Medical Loss Ratio provision. Funny thing is that John Kline and the KlineClones that are vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act never mention the MLR. Here’s […]

MN02 : John Howe Picking Up John Kline’s Military Spending Sword


When John Kline issued his press release denouncing President Obama’s veto of National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 1735), it was totally expected (after all, has there ever been a defense spending bill that John Kline didn’t fully support?) The veto was also expected … remember in September, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter recommended the president […]

Angie Craig Takes Strib Challenge


Did you hear President Obama’s reaction to the mass killings at Umpqua Community College ? We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction. When Americans are killed in mine disasters, we work to make mines safer. When Americans are killed in floods and hurricanes, we make communities […]