John “Retain the Power” Kline : Gainful Employment Yields Campaign Checks

Kline press photo

On Friday, March 14, the Department of Education announced the release of a proposed rule containing the “gainful employment” standards for vocational programs at for-profit institutions and community colleges. The proposal would require career colleges to meet certain standards for gainful employment or risk losing access to federal student aid. The goal of the rule, […]

New Report : John Kline Creates a Profit-making Machine


Minnesota may be #4 but with John Kline’s new student loan program, that may change … States with the highest amount of average debt for students graduating with loans in 2012 Delaware: $33,649 New Hampshire: $32,698 Pennsylvania: $31,675 Minnesota: $31,497 Rhode Island: $31,156 Iowa: $29,456 Maine: $29,352 New Jersey: $29,287 Ohio: $29,037 Michigan: $28,840 #4 […]

24 GOP, 24 Dems Sign Onto ENLIST But Not John Kline


John Kline (R-MN-02), the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee has a very liberal definition of “bipartisan support” … for example, Chairman Kline would consider his H. R. 5 : The Student Success Act to be have “bipartisan support” … yes the vote was 221-207 including 12 Republicans who voted against it and […]

Paulsen Protected By Imperial Chairman From Voting on ENDA

Erik-Paulsen (with flag)

“I see this legislation as the workplace equivalent of the Golden Rule — do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. In the workplace, in 2014, we should judge employees the way we would want to be judged — based on our qualifications, our contributions and by our character, period.” – Mike […]

Kline Whining That a Minimum Wage Increase Reduces Food Choices


John Kline (R-MN-02), who had no problem voting to reduced SNAP (food stamps) by $40 Billion, is angry that the change in minimum wage requirement is impacting McDonalds and other fast food operations. In a letter, Chairman Kline and 39 other Republicans write : We write to express our concerns about proposals to change the […]



The word “Bully!” has more than one meaning. It has positive meanings, like ‘bull market’ for a rising stock market.  Or for another example it was a pet phrase of President Teddy Roosevelt; his terminology for presidential leadership, ‘bully pulpit’ is one instance.  In that sense, “Bully for you, in other words, “good for you”, […]

Did Nolan or Kline Win on Medicare Advantage ?


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Although neither customarily wears a white beard, if the gift you wanted was that the government continue to fund the insurance industry’s Medicare Advantage program, you got your present … and let’s give credit to Rick Nolan, John Kline and over 150 other Members of Congress. But like […]