GOP House To Vote on Sunscreen Bill then go on Recess


While some may argue that the 113th Congress is a DoNothing Congress, Republicans will say they are the “Trafficking Congress” … no, not because they approved funding Highway Trust Fund … but because they are focused on the 300,000 runaway and homeless youth who become child sex trafficking victims. Surely, you have noticed the legislation […]

10 Years Later : Attack the Messenger and Ignore the Message


Ten years ago today, then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama (D) delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. There is a lot in the address, but the most often cited is this segment : Yet even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad […]

Kline Silent as Boehner Denies VA Funding Outraging VFW


On Monday, delegates attending the VFW’s 115th National Convention unanimously passed resolution 632 that calls on Congress to immediately pass a compromise bill that would provide necessary resources, reduce appointment waiting times, and provide veterans timely access to quality VA health care they have earned and deserve. “Pass a bill or don’t come back from […]

H.R. 4984 : Young Invincibles Motivate Chairman Kline To Take Action (sorta)


Chairman John Kline issued a “pat-myself-on-my-back” press release following the House approval of The Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act (H.R. 4984) by a vote of 405 to 11 … all NO votes came from Republicans. It’s an election year and John Kline is being confronted by a strong #FlipADistrict campaign that is targeting […]

Terbium and John Kline’s Vote Against Critical Minerals Jobs Act


Would any Republican or Democrat disagree with this statement : “Minerals are the building blocks of our economy — critical to our prosperity, our standard of living, and our competitiveness. We need a steady, affordable, and domestic supply of them — mined here, refined here, processed here, and made into products here.” This week, the […]

After 2 Years, Chairman Kline Fails to Hold Black Lung Hearing


A retired coal miner who suffers from black lung disease urged Congress on Tuesday to help clear a backlog of claims of fellow miners who have the disease. “I look to y’all to help us to get that which we need,” said Robert Bailey of Princeton, West Virginia. “I would like to see that Congress […]

MN02 : Mike “All Access” Olbermueller -vs.- John “PAC Man” Kline


The Second District contest is shaping up to be an interesting election … an entrenched Washington fundraiser versus grassroots Minnesotans. The second quarter fundraising numbers provide the data … as previously mentioned, Chairman John Kline has a lot of friends in the For-profit education industry (including some under legal review) … who invested $58,472 last […]

Reagan Speaks the Truth While Kline Goes Silent

an elephant

John Kline, Minnesota’s silent politician best known for declining debates and holding public forums, was asked about the U.S. Export-Import Bank (which will shutdown if Congress does not act) : Second District Republican Rep. John Kline declined an talk by his spokesman. In an e-mail to a Star Tribune, Kline’s orator Troy Young pronounced it […]