Fiscal Fraud Erik Paulsen Warped Record : Lodging Expenses Explode

For years, the Paulsen public record was for the need for fiscal discipline, evoking the mantra “Washington needs do more with less.” National Debt is > $18 Trillion or > $157,000 per taxpayer. Washington needs to do more w/ less. #MathGuyMonday — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) December 14, 2015 That tweet was from 2015 and […]

Desperate or Disingenuous ? Paulsen Promotes His Healthcare Successes (???)

A Marist-NBC poll taken September 30th through October 4th reported what must have been alarming news for Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen. Let’s ignore the polling done on the US Senate and Minnesota Governor’s races and focus on the issues that Minnesotans care about the most : 32% Healthcare 21% The economy and jobs […]


So according to Trump – men should NEVER admit to any kind of wrongdoing in regards to sexual assault or harassment. Apparently Al Franken was weak in that regard. Republicans reward denials and attack the women. And so far, it works…. At some point, there has to be a reckoning. This election in November is […]


Negative. That is the only description one can provide for the ads coming from the US Republican House and the MN House Republican caucus. I have been looking for them to tout any accomplishments…still waiting. A few days ago, they were beginning to talk about how they decreased health care premiums, except they forget to […]

The Right Decision

I can’t imagine that a teenager in Maryland would not know that the drinking age had changed. I cannot believe that with so much anecdotal evidence from other people, that Bret Kavanaugh never had a blackout episode. I can’t fathom that a yearbook riddled with degrading remarks against women could possibly have a different meaning […]

He Is Lying

He is lying. I’m talking about Brett Kavanaugh. What we have hear is a case where one person is clearly lying under oath. And I have absolutely no I have no doubt that the truth teller is Dr. Ford. Kavanaugh put up a good front – he cried, he was angry, he told us about […]

Kavanaugh: It Begs The Question

Brett Kavanaugh is expanding the boundaries of credulity with his defense of himself. The picture that emerges of him from a number of classmates is one of a hard drinking privileged frat boy. Which makes it all the more difficult to wrap your head around Kavanaugh’s own description of a choir boy virgin in that […]