MN02 Jason Lewis Votes To Allow Gender-based Healthcare Pricing


On January 24, a group of Northfield concerned citizens visited the just-opened Burnsville office of Congressional Second District Representative Jason Lewis to discuss the future of healthcare. From the Joan Janusz letter to The Northfield News : Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as ObamaCare, without a replacement is irresponsible. Lewis’ District Director, […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Paid $3,346.15 ~ Attends Trump Inauguration Ceremonies


Your tax dollars at work. The Vikings' stadium reportedly $50 million over budget. Boy, didn't see that one coming… — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) July 23, 2015 Speaking of Your tax dollars at work, last week was another costly week for the taxpayers wondering when the Republican-controlled Congress would start holding hearings and moving legislation. […]

MN02 Jason Lewis to have more Impact than John Kline


John Kline, the Gregarious Grandpa who represented Minnesota’s Second District for over a decade, has been replaced by Jason Lewis who campaigned on “lower taxes, tackling the national debt, and restoring American freedoms.” While John Kline was Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee and a prominent member of the House Armed Services Committee, it […]

MN02 Jason Lewis — First Votes and Sponsored Legislation


During his successful congressional campaign to represent Minnesota‘s Second District, Jason Lewis said just because you are in the same party you don’t work in lockstep — adding that he would be someone who is principled over party — in contrast to his opponent, Angie Craig, who he said would be a rubber stamp for […]

Trump was wrong on Ford Motors and protectionism, let me count the ways

Trump of the tiny hands and big mouth is apparently willfully ignorant about jobs, outsourcing, the national economy and the global economy.  He is specifically bone ignorant about the auto industry generally and Ford Motor Company specifically. 1. Ford is NOT firing anyone when it exports jobs to Mexico.  Rather it is retooling the existing […]