Vikings Stadium? Oh, Sure, Why Not?

It is extremely disappointing to note that momentum for a Vikings stadium has again reared its ugly head. It is especially disappointing that Sen. Tom Bakk is in the middle of it.

Here we are. The State of Minnesota in a hopeless budget crunch. Billions of dollars in red ink. Cuts to the poor looming at every opportunity. Education dollars sliced and diced. New revenue in taxes pulled off the table by a Governor with Washingtonitis. And yet, despite all that, a new Vikings stadium complete with public money keeps getting a serious hearing.

The Strib article gives us a reason:

Although polls have consistently shown widespread opposition to public financing of a new Vikings stadium, some supporters hope the team can capitalize on another bit of timing — next week’s regular season opener at Target Field, the publicly subsidized home of the Minnesota Twins that is generally winning accolades from fans and the media.

Sure, Target Field is great. Twins fans will go where the Twins play. And sure, its nice to have a brand new ballpark; but that doesn’t mean we all like how it is was rammed through the legislature at the expense of other state necessities.

Billionaire owners and millionaire players shouldn’t need state help to play their games. Not now. We have too many other problems waiting in a long line to keep coming back to an unnecessary solution to an unnecessary problem.

Yea, its all in the timing. The novelty of a brand new ballpark means big profits for the Twins and huge interest in the newest bauble for the Minneapolis downtown.

But we can’t keep pushing shiny objects at the citizens of this state in hopes that they will forget they aren’t getting anything else paid for. Education dollars and GAMC needs aren’t glamorous. They don’t have the smell of the grass. They don’t have the aroma of brats and popcorn. But those dollars are a helluva lot more important than a fancy new football facility.

I don’t mind discussions about new ballparks. I really don’t. I just mind the timing. When we have such utter futility in the funding of the real needs of this state, the idea that a Vikings Stadium bill can even see the light of day is an utter travesty of priorities.

Next thing you know, Brett Favre will make an appearance to tell us he won’t come back unless Ziggy Wilf can get him a new stadium.

Well, that and a multi-milllion dollar contract and making training camp optional.

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