The Roundtable Is UP and Running….

Hello everybody…

Today we are making it official. The MN Political Roundtable is officially launched. We are a group of bloggers who wish to aggregate our thoughts on this one site. We will be talking about many issues. Our thoughts will be our own on an individual basis. Sometimes you will see discussions develop via the comment section…at least we hope that is the case. We want this to be about policy — emphasis on Minnesota but certainly not limited to that. Some of us may be working for candidates (speaking only for ourselves in that instance) and explaining positions. Some of us will be working on establishing a message. Some of us will just be sharing ideas.

We hope that the readers will come back on a regular basis and participate in the discussion. You more than likely won’t agree with everything said here. Maybe it will make you angry….or maybe it will make you think. In any event, we hope you find it informative, interesting, and worth the trip.

Erik Hare’s journalistic background proved instrumental during the pre-launch stage. Thanks, Erik! Erik will now be changing hats and begin to write for the site as an author. Holly Cairns will occasionally be the “admin” until the site can run on its own, and then she’ll settle into being an author. All of the people you see listed on the left side of the page are contributors to this site. Tell us what you think. What do we do right and what do we do wrong?

This is the Roundtable — nobody has the head chair and everyone is welcome.

Dave Mindeman

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