Thanks For Nothing, Cong. Kline — Literally, Nothing.

You know what’s worse than a person who doesn’t do his or her job? A person who let’s someone else do their job and doesn’t even acknowledge it.

That is the current description of the 2nd District Congressional representative, John Kline.

Dakota County is begging, I mean literally begging, for Federal help with their infrastructure projects. As Dan Powers points out on a regular basis, the Hastings Bridge is a prime example. John Kline could help. Most assuredly, he could help because that is his job. A job he has chosen to ignore.

Fortunately for the 2nd District, we have other Representatives who can come to the aid of Rep. “Deadbeat”. Betty McCollum has put in a couple of requests for Dakota County, even though there is only a tiny sliver of it that actually constitutes her district.

“…in one case, district needs are being met through a neighboring representative’s efforts: DFL Rep. Betty McCollum has made several earmark requests on behalf of projects inside Kline’s district.

Dakota County is requesting $500,000 for a program called the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. The program helps low-risk juvenile offenders by diverting them from lockup by offering home monitoring, mental health services and “restorative justice programs.”

McCollum also requested a $650,000 earmark for the city of Eagan, which is also in Kline’s district, to purchase energy-efficient fire trucks for use in Eagan and Inver Grove Heights.

Now, these requests constitute a small amount of the total requests that Rep. McCollum made, but at least she was willing to recognize and evaluate legitimate requests from 2nd District officials.  She was willing to pass along those requests — but Congressman Kline?  Well, it is the answer we always get from him — NO.

We still have two willing Senators to see to the needs of Minnesota — and they still actually work for citizens of the 2nd District.  Somebody has to.

But think about this for a second.  What if the stance that John Kline and Michele Bachmann take (as well as Erik Paulsen has taken this year)…was taken by every Representative and Senator in Minnesota.  What if all 10 Federal officials declined to make requests?

Well, we wouldn’t have the new I-35 Bridge.  We wouldn’t get additional funding for John Kline’s favorite program — the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (which Cong. Walz has requested).  Or another Walz request — The Lewis and Clark Regional Water System, which will provide a pipline for much need water distribution from the Missouri River to 3 states, including Minnesota.  Or additional funds for the Lowry Avenue Bridge replacement project requests by Cong. Ellison.  Or new software and computer upgrades for Camp Ripley, as requested by Cong. Oberstar.  And Cong. Oberstar also joins the request for expansion of the Yellow Ribbon program.  Or a Corps of Engineers project to counter flooding of the Minnesota River near Granite Falls, MN, as requested boy Cong. Peterson.

What if every elected representative followed the lead of Reps. Kline, Bachmann, and Kline?

Minnesota would be sending all of those tax dollars to Washington.  That would continue.  But none of it would come back to this state.  We would be helping to fund projects all over the country, yet Minnesota would get nothing.

Thanks for nothing, Congressman Kline.  And I mean that literally.

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