Pawlenty New Book Deal Is Not About Selling Books

It’s been said that if you want to bury a story, release it on Friday afternoon. Well, either Tom Scheck broke Tim Pawlenty’s heart with the story of his new book deal … or Pawlenty wanted to bury the story in the midst of the MN-GOP endorsing convention. But as reported by Polinaut

Tyndale House Publishers has agreed to publish Pawlenty’s memoir in 2011. “We are honored to publish this new book by Governor Tim Pawlenty, which will include his reflections on his life, his remarkable career, and his vision for America,” said Ron Beers, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher, Tyndale in a news release.

It’s become standard practice for potential presidential candidates to write a book so that they have reasons to traverse the country self-promoting their candidicacy.

Anyone who contemplates writing a book has to ask what publisher offers the best deal.

Do you go with a known brand like St. Martin’s Press, whose parent is Macmillan Publishers who published Mitt Romney’s (with the assistance of Nina Easton as the ghostwriter) NO APOLOGY. The Case for American Greatness ?
Or, do you go for the bucks … HarperCollins paid somewhere north of $7million for ghostwriter Lynn Vincent, a writer for the Christian news magazine WORLD, to publish Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue : An American Life ?

Or, do you go with message control using Fidelis Books which published Jim DeMint’s Saving Freedom : We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism, and has Lt. Col. Oliver North as its “commanding editor.”

No, Pawlenty picked Tyndale House.
Who ?

Tyndale is a small publisher in a small world. It gets less than 10% of the Christian book market … probably less than 1% of the total non-textbook market.

So, why pick them … maybe Pawlenty read Dan Gilgoff’s The Jesus Machine: How James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Evangelical America Are Winning the Culture War.

Ah, that’s the hook. Dr. Dobson … although Dobson is not a minister, but a family therapist with a doctorate in child development, his message is broadcast on more than 3,000 radio and 80 television stations in the U.S. alone. The short answer is that Dobson is the spokesman for tens of millions of American evangelical Christians. And his books are published by Tyndale.

Located in Carol Stream, Illinois, Tyndale House Publishers was founded in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor as a means of publishing The Living Bible. Tyndale publishes Christian fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and other resources, including Bibles in the New Living Translation (NLT). Tyndale products include many New York Times best sellers, including the popular Left Behind fiction series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, novels by Karen Kingsbury and Joel C. Rosenberg, plus numerous nonfiction works. Tyndale House Publishers is substantially owned by Tyndale House Foundation. As a result, the company’s profits help underwrite the foundation’s mission, which is to spread the Good News of Christ around the world.


Minister to the spiritual needs of people, primarily through literature consistent with biblical principles.


Dependent on God’s leading
Anchored in the Bible
Driven to make God’s Word accessible
Committed to excellence


Honor God
Excel in business
Sustain controlled economic growth
Operate profitably
Help employees grow

When your candidacy needs a base, why not go for the one that is credited with delivering Ohio to Bush in the 2004 contest … so expect to hear a lot about the initiatives that the evangelical right has pushed in the past such as a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, attacking Roe v. Wade, teaching intelligent design in children’s science curriculum, etc.

As Tim Pawlenty makes his 2012 moves, this may be one of his wisest moves.
Palin has gone for the big bucks and enjoys the role of “king-maker” (read here which describes how Tom Emmer was willing to shirk his elective responsibility to pay homage to the Queen.)
Romney is walking a tightrope trying to deflect criticism that ObamaCare is Romney’s MassachusettsCare and facing a Christian Right movement that still remembers that he is a Mormon.
DeMint is the darling of the TEAM (TaxEnoughAlreadyMovement) but keeps bucking the Republican establishment with his endorsements for Marco Rubio in Florida Senate contest, Marlin Stutzman for Indiana Senate seat, Ken Buck for Colorado Senate seat and Chuck DeVore for California Senate seat … all had challengers that many in the NRC preferred.

No, the Pawlenty memoir is not about selling books … it’s about reaching out to Christian talk radio … and “converting” a few voters to his campaign.

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