Cong. Oberstar on Being A Member of Congress: This Is How It’s Done

Congressman Jim Oberstar is giving the country a schooling in how to represent your country and your district.  If only Bachmann, Kline and Paulsen were paying attention….(from Hot Dish Politics):

Oberstar wrote a letter Thursday to Admiral Thad Allen, the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, asking him to take a look at a “sorbent” material made in northern Minnesota to see if it could be “helpful” in cleaning up the spreading Gulf spill.
Oberstar staffers report that they have been working with Ferweda General Contracting, an Angora, Minn., company which has developed a natural peat product that absorbs oil, but not water. 
Company head Gene Ferweda’s says his product has been used on the Great Lakes to clean up oil spills and could be of use on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It got the blessing of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) four years ago, government records show.

  Think about it.  Oberstar is helping form a solution to an incredible environment disaster.  It is already EPA approved.  It is specific to the problem at hand.  And, as a bonus, Minnesota gets an economic benefit.

It would be nice to see that British Petroleum money, targeted to pay for this disaster, actually helping the Minnesota economy.  I wish it wasn’t necessary, but this situation must be solved.

Oberstar didn’t sit back and point fingers.  He didn’t look at it as somebody else’s problem.  He tackled it head on and used out of the box thinking.

I suspect that this is an area that Dan Powers would excel in as well, if he were Kline’s replacement.  Powers has shown a propensity to understand environmental problems and their solutions.   Can you imagine the clout that the Minnesota delegation could have with Oberstar and Powers teaming up?

But, unfortunately, we have Congressman Kline.   Kline is offering no ideas or solutions.   In fact, he has been inordinately quiet on this front.  No mention of the spill on his website.  I suspect that the only public statements we will get from him would be to criticize the Obama administration.  That would be the usual tactic.

Fortunately, Minnesota has Jim Oberstar.  A representative who looks out for his country and his state.   A representative who believes in action, not political posturing.

A leader by example.