Bi-Partisan Call for $1 Trillion in Cuts – The Catch? It’s In Defense

When you have the Cato Institute and the Center for American Progress agreeing on something, you have to take notice.

The Sustainable Defense Task Force, put together at the behest of Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) to “explore options for reducing the defense budget’s contribution to the federal deficit without compromising the essential security of the US,” recommends saving $200 billion by reducing the presence of US troops in Western Europe and the Far East, and reducing total troop strength to 1.3 million.

The report (PDF) also recommends eliminating “costly and unworkable weapons systems,” for a savings of $130 billion, and reducing the US’s nuclear arsenal to 1,050 warheads, for a savings of $113 billion.

The commission, which includes members from conservative groups such as the Cato Institute and from liberal groups such as the Center for American Progress, also recommended “a strategy of restraint that would emphasize the ability to bring force from the sea to defeat and deter enemies rather than putting large numbers of troops ashore in extended operations.”

Now, if our Tea Party friends are up in arms about deficits, shouldn’t this be at the top of their consideration?

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