DFL Congressional District 2’s Best Candidates, CD2’s best foot forward

MN CD2 Endorsed Candidates

Minnesota’s Congressional District 2 is touting its best (see literature in the image, or here’s the file).  I firmly believe truth is arrived at by consensus, and these candidates were picked by groups deciding what is our best foot forward this 2010 campaign season.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher (and John Gunyou), Mark Ritchie, Rebecca Otto, Lori Swanson, Dan Powers will face challengers in the August 10th, 2010, primary.  Don’t forget to vote, and please consider voting for the endorsed candidates.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher stands apart from her opponents because she’s already been fighting for us at the Capitol, doing as much as she can in a Pawlenty atmosphere. Margaret is wise, and has a knack for getting big brains together to suggest solutionsMargaret’s plan to spur our economy through job growth is detailed and excellent.  She stood by teachers and helped block an effort to put people off the street in charge of classrooms.

Margaret’s even outlined plans for a green jobs corp.  Perhaps most importantly, she’s down-to-earth and no-nonsense, hardworking, and has good family support.  Margaret is running against big money opponents so I hope we help get out her message.

For Congress, I had a tough time chosing.  Dan Powers stands apart from his opponent because he’s approachable and works hard to listen.   At the convention I heard people say “Hey, you knocked on my door!”  Dan is for living-wage jobs, clean energy solutions, more affordable health-care and better educational opportunities for our children.  I recently wrote about him here.

The bottom of the CD2 literature (pictured above) says:

–Fiscal responsibility as we make hard choices
–Good roads
–Strong Families
–Great schools
–Working together to get the job done
–Clean lakes and streams for fishing and hunting
–A Balanced budget
–Civil rights minded
–Creating Opportunities to prosper and grow

Each candidate offers more information on their individual websites. Please consider visiting:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher and John Gunyou, MN Governor
Mark Ritchie, MN Secretary of State
Rebecca Otto, MN State Audior
Lori Swanson, MN Attorney General
Dan Powers, MN Congressional District 2 (US House)
Sen. Kevin Dahle, MN Senate District 25
Mick McGuire, MN House 25A
Rep. David Bly, MN House 25B
Alex Demarco, MN Senate District 26
Rep. Patti Fritz, MN House 26B
Jerry Roth, MN House 28A
Laura Helmer, MN Senate District 34
Leanne Kunze,  MN House 34A
Travis Burton, MN Senate District 35
Matt Christensen, MN House 35A
Jannaya LaFrance, MN House 35B
Steve Quist, 36, MN Senate District 36
in addition, Steve Quist just posted a campaign update here.
Colin Lee, MN House 36A
Sigrid Iversen, MN House 36B
Mike Germain, MN Senate District 37,
Derrick Lindstrom, MN House 37A
Rep. Phil Sterner, MN House 37B
Sen. Jim Carlson, MN Senate District 38
Rep. Sandra Masin, MN House 38A
Rep. Michael Obermueller, MN House 38B
Sen. Jim Metzen, MN Senate District 39
Rep. Joe Atkins, MN House 39B
Senator John Doll, MN Senate District 40
Rep. Will Morgan, MN House 40A
Sen. Katie Sieben, MN Senate District 57
Jen Peterson, MN House 57A
Dave Page, MN House 57B

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