The Palestinian Conundrum: A Possible, Peaceful? Solution?

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Palestinian situation, and so hopefully this suggestion is treated as an innocent idea.  If I’m wrong, please let me know.  There’s a lot that happens in the Middle East, and I wouldn’t want to suggest anything that would cause never-ending bloodshed or a worsening of worldly relations.  I’m a strong proponent of asking “for” what we want instead of complaining about what we are against.  I believe we are for peaceful resolution in the Middle East.

The “Palestinians” and the “Israelis” thought they were both promised Palestine if they helped fight the Turks.  Are today’s Palestinians suffering so much they’d let the 1948 creation of the state of Israel and the denial of ownership of a precious religious area go?  Perhaps the United Nations could work with Fatah to establish a more democratic, peaceful premise, and then recognize statehood in the West Bank?  More details concerning land use and peaceful resolution could be worked out, first.

The United Nations could help in these areas:  Removal of sanctions or hinderances to prosperity, establishing a secure system of elections which would then bring about true representation, empowering a strengthened judicial system, and help in the prosecution of terrorist activity.  Hopefully this recognition of statehood wouldn’t end in street violence or another assassination, instead of true peaceful resolution.

The United States benefited from worldly recognition of our statehood after our Civil War.  We kicked out the king, other nations recognized our status, and we continued trading goods and favors.  I believe it is a small detail that is largely overlooked, and was key to the establishment of a stronger union.

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