The 12 Biggest Lies….Explained…Sort Of…Part 2

This is a continuation of a series, regarding the 12 Big Lies. For the opening salvo, go to mnpACT! and read the opening post. We continue here:

4. Men and women are equal.

Did you know that this is a Big Lie? I thought that we had really gotten past all of that sexist thinking. But, no, in the religious world, this still holds in all of those patriarchical hierarchies.   It doesn’t matter which religion, they all still maintain this medieval thought process.

In our modern society, we tend to dismiss this as ancient history, but in virtually all Fundamentalist religions, the hierarchy between men and women is still held as a fundamental truth. 

Over the years, fundamentalists have softened the role definitions.  Some have even used word games involving the man “serving” the woman as his means of taking his “rightful” place as head of the family.  But, the end result is always the same.  Women take the back seat in the final analysis.

In a way, this centuries old religious philosophy has made the differences between men and women more concrete.  Because of the woman’s traditional family nurturing role, she has become very good at it…beyond the realm of child bearing itself. 

Men, however, have not been very good at limiting their own role.  Dominance has become power, and religious philosophy has been used to re-enforce it all.

To call this a big lie is simply acquiesing to religious interpretation.    There is no other proof or validity to back it up.  Fortunately, men who adhere to this tenant are probably less likely to reproduce.

5. A fetus isn’t human.

I’m not certain who is arguing that a fetus is not human — after all we have DNA that says it is has to be human.   Of course, that is not the issue that is being argued.  The problem here is that the argument has too many facets.  Maybe we are arguing about when a fetus is viable.   For all the billboards that talk about fingers and toes and heartbeats, a fetus is still completely dependent on the body of the mother.  A more important question is …does a fetus have the ability to reason?  That is what makes us unique.  That is what make us think about these questions.   Sure….a fetus is human; but the negative of that has never really been the questionable “big lie”.

6. The world is overpopulated.

OK.  I’ll play along.  No, the world is not overpopulated….and it never will be, because overpopulation is the symptom, not the problem.  The issue is: Do we have the resources to sustain the earth’s population?  And that answer is rapidly moving towards the negative.

Again, I say that we never will have actual “overpopulation” because we have too many self correcting mechanisms.  War, famine, disease….they tend to thin us out when we get out of hand. 

As we manage to withstand some of these pestilences, the earth will have to find a bigger correction to deal with us.  I am counting on the fact that I will not be around to find out what that will be…..but it will come.


OK — there you are.  Three more tackled and three more left completely unanswered.  Actually, there is no real answer to these “lies”.  They can’t be solved because that would mean “religion” is unnecessary.

And we have too much invested in fundamentalism to let that happen.

Stay tuned for part 3…