The 12 Big Lies….Explained….Sort Of… Part 4

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10. The earth is billions of years old.

It would seem that if you consider this a “lie”, then you could at least come up with a more plausible figure than 6,000 years. Hard to imagine that fossil evidence, carbon dating, and geological data could all be completely wrong. The convoluted attempts to adapt the dinosaur period into the 6,000 year Bible calculation are the worst part of Fundamentalist arguments.

The oddest part about all this is that conservative Christianity considers this cosmic “calendar” to be some kind of cornerstone on their  belief system.  Why defend such a time line?  In the scheme of eternity, why stake a belief system on that?   It is as if they expect science to deny its constant stream of discoveries which prove eons of time have exerted its influence on earth.

11. There is no God.

I do happen to believe in God.  But I seriously doubt that my vision of God is going to match up with the people making this list.  I understand the scientific skepticsim of the existence of God.   Most of the physical universe has explanations based on natural laws.  A case can be made that over the course of time, through evolution and adherence to the natural order, the world could have come into existence through a course of extraordinary events….without the help of a Supreme Being.

But the one thing that I can never find a rational explantion for is our ability to reason.  Sentience.   It is so unique in the world and so essential to the human animal’s dominence and ability to adapt quicker than any other creature, that it cannot be just an accident.   Over the course of the Bible studies I spent my younger church life in, the one phrase that I kept coming back to always stood out.  God is a Spirit.  We tend to think of God in terms of a single entity or with human attributes.  But that would be a foolish limitation to make.  I don’t know what God looks like in form or substance, but whatever the Spirit of God is, it has to encompass all of the vast universal links that the earth and the universe exist with.

There is a God — but trying to define who or what it is, is a useless human exercise.

12. Jesus was just a good man.

I would have to assume that this statement is a lie because of the word “just”.   Obviously, Jesus was a “good” man because Judaism and Christianity both concur on this point.  But equating Jesus with God is a simplistic view that Christians insist upon.  If Jesus is God or part of God or special to God can be argued endlessly.  What I always find puzzling is that Fundamentalists insist upon having a “personal” realtionship with Jesus…yet insist that their own relationship be adopted by everyone else; and in pretty much the same way everywhere. 

Personal usually means individualized.  And individuals always add their own unique perspective to a personal experience.   If our relationship with Jesus is to be that personal, then how we perceive him to be should depend on our own thoughts and ideas.  How about we leave it at that?


An extraordinary list of “lies” to deal with here.  I suspect that there will be more science bashing involved with this production.  And with that bashing, the counter argument will depend largely on a book that was written by men, revised by men, and modified by men.  Yet, it is “infallible” in its message.

No one will ever win any arguments on these so-called “lies”, but discussion is always worth the effort and has relevance.

The biggest problem is trying to keep that open mind.