And We Are Losing to These Characters?

Just perusing through the internet for a few hours today and it is stunning what you can find about the GOP candidates, for instance……

Linda McMahon, GOP candidate for Senate in Connecticut…..she makes $46 million as CEO of, get this, World Wrestling Entertainment and she has no clue what the minimum wage is; but she wants to lower it — whatever it is.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss finally fired a staff person who wrote a gay slur… ******* must die…. in an e-mail.  It took him a week to figure it out….does he have an entire office of homophobes to choose from?

GOP Governor candidate in New York, Carl Paladino, nearly got into a fist fight with a reporter.

Meg Whitman, GOP candidate for Gov. in California, seems to have employed an illegal housekeeper for years.  She and the housekeeper are having a nice public dispute of whose facts are correct.

The Conservative nut case who punked ACORN into a national story, went off the deep and tried a stupid stunt to embarrass CNN.  It all went wrong of course, which makes you wonder why this guy was such a conservative darling in the first place.

Ron Johnson, Senate candidate in Wisconsin, opposed the Wisconsin Child Victims Act, which essentially eliminates the statute of limitations for bringing suit againt “any person” for “injury caused by an adult’s sexual contact with anyone under the age of 18.”   He said it would make businesses and charities victimes as well.  Really?

And, of  course, we have Delaware Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell….the withcraft dabbling, monkeys should evolve in front of me watching, can’t keep paper work straight businesswomen extraordinaire with the totally false resume.

On and on it goes.


And the Democrats are losing to this?  Really?

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