Blame Minnesota Budget Problems on Bird Lovers

Most residents in HD-24-B know that Tony Cornish (R) is proud of his rural heritage (just check the billboards) and most also know that Mr. Cornish was a Conservation Officer before being elected to represent the District.
But now, voters are learning that the Minnesota’s budget problems are caused by “wasteful government spending for tropical birdhouses in the Caribbean and Latin America” (Official Journal of the House, Page 12973, 86th Session ) …. at least that’s the claim made by a group “educating” voters on who needs to be replaced in order to Take Back Minnesota.

Well, actually, Mr. Cornish is not a focus of the campaign … that is reserved for :
Career Politician Sandra Masin – DFL Incumbent 38-A
Politician Will Morgan – DFL Incumbent 40-A
Politician Paul Rosenthal – DFL Incumbent 41-B
Politician Maria Ruud – DFL Incumbent 42-A
Politician Paul Gardner – DFL Incumbent 53-A
and Politician Julie Bunn – DFL Incumbent 56-A

Why go after Birdlovers ?
Are only DFLers bird lovers ? After all, if the spending is wasteful, then shouldn’t Jim Abeler (48-B), Paul Anderson (13-A), Greg Davids (31-B), Connie Doepke (33-B), Keith Downey (41-A), Bob Gunther (24-A), Rod Hamilton (22-B), Joe Hoppe (34-B), Larry Hosch (04-B), Morrie Lanning (09-A), Jenifer Loon (42-B), Tara Mack (37-A), Denny McNamara (57-B), Mark Murdock (10-B), Bud Nornes (10-A), Tim Sanders (51-A), Steve Smith (33-A), Paul Torkelson (21-B) and Dean Urdahl (18-B) also be targets ?
But then again those representatives are Republicans.

There were 107 yeas and 25 nays on S. F. No. 3275 which was a bill for “an act relating to state government; appropriating money from constitutionally dedicated funds; modifying appropriation to prevent water pollution from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ….

But somehow the Take Back Minnesota group must not like birds.
It’s silly, but that is what is being used to attack candidates this election.

The TakebackMinnesota group seems to be quite active this election season as they also are targeting :
Career Politician Dave Olin – DFL Incumbent 01-A
Career Politician Brita Sailer – DFL Incumbent 02-B
Career Politician John Persell – DFL Incumbent 04-A
Politician Tim Faust – DFL Incumbent 08-B
Politician Al Doty – DFL Incumbent 12-B
Career Politician Larry Hosch – DFL Incumbent 14-B
Politician Terry Morrow – DFL Incumbent 23-A
Politician David Bly – DFL Incumbent 25-B
Politician Kory Kath – DFL Incumbent 26-A
Politician Kim Norton – DFL Incumbent 29-B
Politician Andy Welti – DFL Incumbent 30-B
Politician Phil Sterner – DFL Incumbent 37-B
Career Politician Jerry Newton – DFL Incumbent 49-B

How they distinguish who is a Career Politician is not referenced, but somehow by calling them “Politician” the voter must know that they are evildoers.

Take Back Minnesota is a project of the Freedom Club State PAC which is focused on electing representatives that believe in Sensible Government.

Apparently, Terry Morrow for one does not believe in Sensible Government.

TakeBackMinnesota happens to have banner ads attacking Terry Morrow on campus blogs.
Mr. Morrow has always had competitive election contests even though he seems to be able to get support from a wide range of groups … from college students to parents and even the NRA.

But this time, the stakes are higher …
no, not the outcome of the election …
the stakes this time are the table-stakes.

This time, Mr. Morrow has television ads attacking him. The ad focuses on recent flooding that has hit the district and some of Mr. Morrow’s votes. The Mankato Free Press did a review of the $30,000 ad that is currently running on KEYC-TV which is based in Mr. Morrow’s district.

A look at the official House Journal referred to in justifying the charge, however, shows that the Freedom Club ad was somewhat creative with the facts along with the animation.

The ad refers to an amendment offered by Hastings Republican Rep. Denny McNamara on Feb. 15, which would have diverted funding in the 2010 House bonding bill from Orchestra Hall to the state’s flood hazard mitigation grant program — increasing it from $50 million to $100 million, and adding $30 million to wetland restoration.

The bill already included the $50 million suggested by Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and McNamara’s amendment would have put the funding $40 million above what the Department of Natural Resources requested, according to documents on the governor’s official website.

The advertisement mentioned only the money that would have been diverted from performing arts centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The McNamara amendment also took funding from civic centers around the state — including $13.9 million for an expansion and renovation of the civic center and All Season’s Arena in Mankato.

Morrow supported the Mankato project, and a group of Mankato-area business-owners supported it strongly enough to encourage Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty to not veto it.

The McNamara amendment failed 42-91, and several Republicans — including gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer — joined Morrow in opposing it.

Pawlenty ultimately vetoed the Mankato project while signing into law the funds for Orchestra Hall.

The television ad plays on voter’s emotions … having been hit by an F-2 tornado earlier this summer and then nine inches of rain that has damaged major roads (and many homeowner’s basements), the last thing that voters need is a group distorting Mr. Morrow’s record. Mr. Morrow did support flood relief during the session … but even if he would have voted against it, no one should leap to conclusions … after all, many representative have to weigh difficult decisions … with a common answer being “we don’t have the money. We are cutting all kinds of things and have given a lot already in flood aid but without finding revenue to pay for increased spending I could not vote for it.”

Voters should not be swayed by an attack ad … talk to the candidates … find out what they value.

Some voters are pretty smart and are responding to these attacks on Representative Morrow … such as a Drew Ajer and Mandy McCourt who are students at Gustavus Adolphus wrote in response to the attack :

Election season is here—and so are negative political attacks. A recent letter writer launched an inaccurate attack against Terry Morrow, our state representative.
Using the writer’s logic, one could conclude that he opposes the other items in this bill, like child care or help for new or expanding businesses that may hire Gusties. One could say that he desires budget-busting government mandates and opposes property tax reform—even though Gustavus students’ rents would likely go up One could claim that he believes that charities—or even Gustavus Adolphus College—should pay property taxes, likely resulting in tuition increases. One could allege that he does not care about those whose homes are hit by a tornado or a flood.
We know that such logic is faulty, whether applied to the writer or to Terry Morrow. When required to vote on a large bill that offered support for students, homeowners, businesses and farmers, Terry concluded that the good far outweighed the parts he opposed.

Well said.

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