Bad News for Walz : Big Winner in Independent Expenditure Contest

All Tim Walz has done since being elected to represent Minnesota’s First District is to stay in contact with his constituents … from listening sessions at HyVee grocery stores throughout the district to formal town hall meetings to discuss Afghanistan policy choices, Congressman Walz has reached out to get citizens input.
Heck, Representative Walz has taken the “earmark” process to be totally transparent and encouraged citizens to get involved in the process. Tim Walz has had to make the hard choices … with the citizens’ pocketbook in mind … against the TARP legislation stating: “The bill we voted on today passes the buck when it comes to recouping the losses taxpayers might suffer. I also regret that this bill does not do enough to help average homeowners, or provide sufficient oversight of Wall Street.”
In December of 2008 he used the same reasoning when he voted against the bill that offered $14 billion in government loans to bail out the country’s large automobile manufacturers .
In June of 2009 Walz introduced a bi-partisan resolution calling on the federal government to “relinquish its temporary ownership interests in the General Motors Corporation and Chrysler Group, LLC, as soon as possible” and stated that the government must not be involved in the management decisions of those companies.

Issue after issue, Representative Walz involved the citizens … talking with farmers about climate change legislation and modifying the legislation based on input received … multiple town hall meetings on healthcare reform – where citizens were divided, some feeling it was going too far while others thinking it did not go far enough and in the end, Representative Walz had to make a decision … on both issues, he knew that there would be many detractors regardless of his vote. Climate change legislation is dead … the Senate will not enact it … now … next term or even in the next decade … but there are those that want to highlight that issue as a reason to vote against Congressman Walz … all he did was address the problem with the idea of creating more renewable energy jobs in America. Healthcare is now being reformed … no death panels … denials due to pre-existing conditions are going away … coverages increasing … the Prescription Part D “donut hole” being reduced … but there are those that want to repeal the legislation and return the power to the insurance companies.

And so it is, now voters in the First District will soon hear another voice mischaracterizing Congressman Walz … in just one week’s time $367,061.20 has been on expended by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. Interestingly, one of the expenditures is to American Viewpoint for survey work … hint …. In the next few days, plan on hearing a news release that Representative Walz is losing his contest … and when you do, recognize that internal polls are notoriously biased … note for example Georgia’s Eighth District where the Republican-paid American Viewpoint poll suggested the Republican was leading by 8 points while the Democrat-paid poll had the Democrat leading by 12 points.

FYI : According to the Sunlight Foundation, the $367,061.20 is by far the most spent in Minnesota. A significantly higher amount against Congressman Walz than expended on behalf of Representative Walz’s challenger … Randy Demmer, the Republican candidate in MN-01 had one independent expenditure in the amount of $ 14,335.53 from the National Right to Life in support of his campaign.

(Note: the same group also spent on behalf of the Teresa Staton Collett, the Republican candidate for MN-04 … but only a $19.00 contribution.)

Next up is Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) which had a $64,750.00 independent expenditure supporting his candidacy from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Then $18,536.19 spent in support of Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) with $1,668.77 in opposition to her candidacy.

Bachmann’s challenger, Tarryl Clark had only one independent expenditure in the amount of $4,396.78 from Working America in support of her campaign.

These amounts are from the Sunlight Foundation reporting …. There will be more in the days ahead … as Norm Coleman’s group is also targeting Tim Walz.

In the end, voters will decide … hopefully, money won’t buy our votes … but it appears that Tim Walz is leading the race … the race of outside dollars trying to influence (distort) our elections.

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