MN-08 : Norm Coleman’s Monies Prove Cravaack NOT “On His Own”

As MPR reported

In an email sent Saturday entitled “On My Own,” [Raymond] Cravaack writes:

So now, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Big Labor Union Bosses,, and other liberal special interests are increasing their attacks against me. Meanwhile the Republican establishment in Washington isn’t happy that I stood on principle.

The email continues, challenging supporters to raise a collective $25,000 by Monday.

Well, no sense waiting for a FEC report to learn if Mr. Cravaack appeal was successful … as The Hill is reporting that Norm Coleman’s “conservative group American Action Network” has included Raymond Cravaack (R-MN-08) in its group of “vulnerable” House Republicans for its advocacy campaign defending Republicans on Medicare. The group is “spending roughly $1 million on the total campaign”

OK, so Mr. Cravaack will not be “On My Own” … he will have plenty of dollars thrown his way … and some of the messages may be … using the term kindly … “factually deficient”.

For example, one mailing from Norm Coleman’s ANN group states : “President Obama is trying to radically change the Medicare Prescription Drug Program with Medicaid-style price controls” and that the “devastating” impact would include an increase in prescription drug premiums “for millions of seniors” of “up to 40%.

Scared ? …
Or more aptly, MediScare
that’s the FactCheck headline for their review of Coleman’s maildrop, concluding “AAN greatly exaggerates.”

As is the norm for FactCheck, they have reviewed the various assertions and found the claims to be misleading or distorted … Take a few minutes to read the FactCheck review and note some key observations :
— “crucial cost-saving measure that will support other initiatives to reduce the deficit while protecting vulnerable populations who can least afford an increase in the price of health care.”
— “in other words, the government — and beneficiaries — pay less for drugs and the drug companies make less money.
— the legislation doesn’t aim to balance the budget — at all. It’s expected to save $112 billion over 10 years

Lastly, FactCheck asks the key question …
Who is paying to protect Mr. Cravaack ? ? ?
Noting that Mr. Coleman’s group “does not have to disclose its donors, and spokesman Jim Landry said the group would not do so when we specifically asked whether this campaign was being funded by the pharmaceutical industry.”
Yet, reading the FactCheck article clearly shows that the government, businesses and consumers would win and only the pharmaceutical industry would take a hit.

IF Mr. Cravaack really wanted to get out of the pickle that he is in, he would take a stand on principle and denounce the Coleman group’s mailing.