Mike Parry Leads the Way in Southern Minnesota – Who Will Follow ?

Raymond Cravaack (R-MN-08) hears the footsteps … actually pretty loud footsteps as no less then four candidates are actively seeking the nomination to represent the DFL on the 2012 ballot — Jeff Anderson, Tarryl Clark, Daniel Fanning and Rick Nolan.

Meanwhile, Tim Walz (D-MN-01) has his first confirmed challenger as the Winona Daily News reports :

Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca, announced Friday that he will run for congress in 2012. Parry is seeking the 1st Congressional District seat held by Democrat Tim Walz.
Parry’s campaign officially filed paperwork with the federal elections commission this week and is organizing a tour of southeastern Minnesota in the next two weeks to announce his candidacy.

Previously, the Winona paper reported :

State Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, hasn’t closed the door on a run for Congress in 2012. Drazkowski said in an interview last week that while he isn’t planning on running for Minnesota’s First Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Tim Walz, he may consider such a move in the future.
I never say never,” said Drazkowski. “My constituents have urged me to consider this. For the near future, I have no plans to run, but maybe someday that will change.”
Drazkowski’s ability to run for the seat is contingent on state redistricting, which must be approved by state courts by Feb. 21, 2012
Tony Sutton, state chair for the Minnesota Republican Party, indicated that two other state legislators, Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca, and Julie Rosen,R-Fairmont, are considering a run for the seat.

First District MN-GOPers will resolve their nominee through the endorsing and primary process, so until then there is no reason to review the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Parry candidacy may not result in the eventual nomination but it is a solid first step in generating excitement for the party … so the question must be asked … where are the challengers in the other Districts ?

Yes, Sharon Sund has a great story that voters in MN-03 need to hear (and judging by her calendar, she is actively meeting her future constituents) … but what about the Second and the Sixth ?

Michele Bachmann is destined to be America’s first Presidentress … MN-GOPers are salivating to expand on the Bachmann agenda serving her wishes in Congress … but what about the DFL ?

Yet, the real question must be raised with Minnesota’s Second District.
John Kline (R-MN-02) has exemplified failure as the Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee. After complaining that “It is a dereliction of public duty for this Congress to deliberately fail to pass a budget” when the Democrats-managed the House and now, Chairman Kline has failed to present the appropriations bills for a full vote by the House … and the fiscal year has already started … resulting in the need to approve stop-gap appropriations.
This uncertainty is impacting our country in big ways … without appropriations, funding for federal job training programs is impacted while unemployment remains above 9 percent, with 25 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed.
Mr. Kline has failed to re-write the No Child Left Behind legislation and instead has begun to focus on union relations and workers safety. The Republicans are advancing legislation to obstruct OSHA’s progress on a rule to require employers to identify and correct hazards in the workplace on an ongoing basis; and block an OSHA rule that would ensure employers record cumulative trauma disorders so workers and employers will know if there is a problem. The bill also eliminates a successful OSHA training program used by industry, unions and community colleges to improve workplace safety.
Meanwhile Mr. Kline is using the Committee Chairmanship to rack up funds for his Freedom and Safety PAC which he then doles out to ensure support for the lobbyists agenda.

Mr. Kline is servant for Washington’s special interests … meanwhile, Shortchanging Our Future.

When will someone in the Second District realize that voters want an alternative to Mr. Kline’s agenda … the DCCC has indicated that they will financially support candidates in Minnesota’s Third and Eighth where candidates are lining up … why not the Second ?

The GOP have let it be known that Congressman Walz seat will be challenged … it’s time to learn from Mike Parry … it’s time to get excited in the other Districts.

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