GOP Candidates Take the Shirt Right Off the Back of American Workers

Have you heard potential Commander-in-Chief Michele Bachmann complain that “After Iraq, we’ll have more troops left in Honduras than we have Iraq” and wonder WHY do we have troops in Honduras … and what are we protecting ?

Maybe tee-shirts ?

Yep, for $30, you can show your support for Herman Cain by purchasing a Tee Shirt … and that will support a worker in Honduras.

Got a problem with that … Ron Paul doesn’t. Ron Paul’s shirts were made in El Salvador and when questioned about foreign-made products being imported into the United States, he responded “I wouldn’t change it. I would argue the case that the market should determine it.”

Newt Gingrich’s shirts were also made in El Salvador, while those for Rick Santorum were produced in the Dominican Republic.

Earlier this week, the candidates were in Michigan debating jobs, such that Mitt Romney asserted that “we have a president and an administration that doesn’t like business…I like jobs!”

Well tonight, the candidates will be in South Carolina … and although the focus will be on foreign policy, it would be interesting to hear how the candidates would respond to a worker at A.S. Tees Manufacturing with a production facility in Salley, South Carolina … who is so “garments are made with 100% US components. Even the cotton used in our yarn is grown in cotton fields in the US. We are committed to keeping jobs in America. Other manufacturers claim to be American made, but you can feel confident that each A.S. Tees garment is American made from start to finish – Right Down To The Yarn!” A.S. Tees also provides healthcare and retirement benefits to their employees.
In fact, there are many AMERICAN Job-creators that could have produced these shirts. Such as American Apparel which employs 200 to 300 workers (depending on the time of year) who utilizes 35 knitting machines, 25 Vetigraph markers and cutting tables and 200 sewing machines.

The rhetoric sounds good … but if it is jobs that are needed, candidates should start by supporting American workers … and avoiding even those American companies that outsource their work overseas. Heck, maybe we wouldn’t need to keep those troops in Honduras then.

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