MN Senator Dave Thompson, Why Can’t You Get It Done?

I recently submitted a letter to the editor (Thisweek Newspapers, November 23, 2011) in response to MN Senator Dave Thompson’s  letter to the editor.

To the editor:

Earlier, state Sen. Dave Thompson, R-Lakeville, wrote a letter about 23 percent unemployment among Minnesota’s military veterans. A portion of President Obama’s jobs act was passed and signed into law this week, and it will encourage small businesses to hire veterans. Hopefully this will finally help our vets. But why can’t our current Minnesota legislators get things done? Thompson’s response is typical of our local “I wish I could do something” Republicans. Twenty-three percent unemployment rate for vets. Wow.

Hardworking Minnesotans should be able to rely on full partnership with legislators in helping us pull out of our difficult economic times. I’m tired of charades from those who pretend to save us money while they keep giving special breaks for the wealthy. I want programs that work, fair taxation, affordable and quality education, and safe roads. Legislators, taxpayers and citizens need to pull together with our governor for the good of our state, not play legislative games for those who are better off.

Holly Cairns, Northfield