Words versus Deeds – Paulsen Retakes Lead Over Kline

You know the words …
Over the last decade, our economy has stumbled. It’s affected everyone. However, one thing hasn’t changed is the way government spends your tax dollars. We must work together now to resolve our spending-driven debt crisis. There is no other issue that affects the livelihood of more Americans than the need to keep our debt, and therefore government spending, low.
— excerpts from Erik Paulsen’s (R-MN-03) September 28th OpEd

On Wednesday, our national debt for the first time in history reached $15 trillion, showing once again just how unsustainable our current economic path is for our nation.
Minnesota families and small businesses balance their budgets; Washington must do the same. We must cut spending and balance the budget if we are to alleviate such fears and put the private sector back on offense.

— excerpts from John Kline (R-MN-02) November 18th press release

How about the deeds …
Well, besides communicating to constituents via OpEds and Press Releases, Members of Congress can also issue Mass Mailings … in the First Quarter of this year, Minnesota’s winner was Mr. Paulsen while the Second Quarter was Mr. Kline … drum roll, please …

Summary Tabulation of Mass Mailings
Distributed by Each Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

In accordance with Public Law 104-197 §311 and Resolution 110-10 of the Committee on House Administration, this table summarizes the number and costs incurred of mass mailings distributed via USPS by each Member during the period July 1, 2011 – September 30, 2011. A mass mailing is any unsolicited mailing of substantially identical content distributed to 500 or more persons over the course of the Legislative Year.
Total number of distributed :
160,818 Paulsen (R-03)
94,726 Kline (R-02)
37,364 Cravaack (R-08)
0 Bachmann (R-06)
0 Ellison (D-05)
0 McCollom (D-04)
0 Peterson (D-07)
0 Walz (D-01)
Cost :
$58,487.88 Paulsen (R-03)
$38,691.02 Kline (R-02)
$19,255.59 Cravaack (R-08)
$0 Bachmann (R-06)
$0 Ellison (D-05)
$0 McCollom (D-04)
$0 Peterson (D-07)
$0 Walz (D-01)

Congratulations, Mr. Paulsen for another waste of TAXPAYER monies.

It isn’t just the cost of mass mailings that is objectionable … how about those Tele-Town Halls ?
Mr. Kline’s Third Quarter Disbursement report includes a $12,530 to Citizen Dialog for a May 25 and $9,090 for a July 5th bill while Mr. Paulsen paid the Franking Group $14,775 for a July 8th bill. Mr. Cravaack also uses the Franking Group.

Considering that so many feel that they are TaxEnoughAlready, we don’t these Members of Congress realize that their office costs the taxpayers millions ?

While Congress debates whether to extend the reduction to the payroll taxes, Republicans have proposed “the salaries of civilian federal employees and members of Congress would be frozen for three years. In addition, the government workforce would be reduced by limiting agencies’ hiring to one employee for every three that retire until their overall workforce is reduced by 10%.”

Which begs the question … what’s happened with the staff salaries ?
Well, through three quarters of 2010, Mr. Kline’s staff’s salaries were $656,7148.18 while this year, the amount is $700,799.89 while Mr. Paulsen’s staff salaries has grown from $564,854.12 to $629,218.47 over the same period of time.

Words don’t match the deeds … but words get you re-elected.

It’s past time for Congress to end Mass Mailings … this will only increase next year after re-districting changes district boundaries.

Com’n Mr. Paulsen … how about leading by example !
Cut the waste by cutting out Mass Mailings and Tele-Town Hall self-promotion events … and please expain why your staff expenses are rising.

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