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MN-03: Paulsen Votes Against Program He Promotes

Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) does not get enough praise for his public comments about medical research and prevention … For example, on November 29th, Mr. Paulsen spoke urging the Republican-managed Do-Nothing House move forward on H.R. 1897, the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act : With over 5 million Americans suffering from this degenerative disease of the brain, Alzheimer’s […]

Chip Cravaack Votes for Keystone XL Pipeline,
based on study paid for and benefiting oil companies

In his last telephone town hall Congressman Cravacck repeatedly used what appear to be highly inaccurate figures for new jobs which will be created by the Keystone XL pipeline.  He claimed there would be an immediate 20,000 jobs created and another 1,000,000 ancillary jobs resulting from the pipeline going forward. No one supports the claim […]

My Favorite Congressman

The vote was largely along partylines … 14 Republicans defections and 10 Democrats. Roll Call 923 … HR 3630 … the Republican Job Creation bill. The defections did not change anything as the Party Managers had pre-determined that the Republican Majority would declare victory. The Minnesota delegation had Tim Walz (D-MN-01) joining with John Kline […]

MN-08 : Cravaack Gets Fundraising Appointment

Under Speaker Boehner’s Pillar of the New Majority, the end of “pork” was assured … you, know that old practice whereby the Party Managers would find a way to get some “Congressional Projects” approved for those districts where the incumbent might have a “tough” re-election. Yep, “pork” is gone … so, the District may not […]

Pawlenty Selectively Cites Romney’s Jobs Record

Considering Mitt Romney’s aversion to press interviews, the curious question after The LA Times article questioning Romney’s job creation during his Bain Capital years, who would the campaign offer as “spin-master” ? BACKGROUND : Key comments from the article entitled : A closer look at Mitt Romney’s job creation record — Romney and his team […]