MN-06 : Bachmann Asks : What Is Wrong With This Picture ?

Michele Bachmann makes an interesting point on Page 106 : Core of Conviction – My Story

The politicians and bureaucrats in both Washington and St. Paul were using our tax money to make our problems worse.
I asked myself: What is wrong with this picture?
What terrible thing they are doing with our taxes.”

It’s sorta a re-occurring theme … politicians spending our money …
(Ms. Bachmann talks about her first visit to Washington on page 59 … “Giving away exorbitant goodies and we didn’t have to pay for them — that was our introduction to Washington’s ways!”)
Surely, things would be different under Michele Bachmann’s guidance.

Readers of her book will certainly learn a lot … somehow the author’s memory of events do not coincide with my own memories of the times … “selective memory” might be appropriate way to describe the book … including leaving out some considerations ( for example on page 70, Ms. Bachmann informs the reader about Israel “Confronted by thousands of missiles and Qassam rockets launched against them from beyond their borders, they are moving as fast as they can to deploy what they have poetically dubbed Iron Dome,” without ever mentioning that American taxpayers paid for Iron Dome.

OK … that’s enough about the text … how about the pictures … most are “Courtesy of Michele Bachmann” but one stands out … credited to Rick Busch and labeled “Our Family 2011” ….

Rick Busch

Hmmmm …. where have we seen that photo before … and where did the taxpayers see the bill for that photograph … oh, yeah …
Congresswoman Bachmann’s Statement of Disbursements for her Congressional Office includes a payment of $1,480.00 on May 17, 2011 to Rick Busch Photographics

So to answer author Bachmann’s question ( What Is Wrong With This Picture ? ) … what’s wrong is that Congresswoman Bachmann is asking the Taxpayers to pay for a photograph designed to help book sales.

IMO, if you feel that you are TaxedEnoughAlready, then, no doubt you must agree that it is a “terrible thing they are doing with our taxes.”