Lessons From Keystone XL – Time To Pass H R 3900

Did You Know : The proposed Keystone XL pipeline extension would reach Port Arthur, Texas, which is designated as a foreign trade zone – this means that if these refineries re-exported diesel or other fuel, they also would not have to pay taxes on those exports ?

Did You Know : TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, has entered into long-term contracts with refineries to export the fuel to Latin America, Europe and other markets ?

Did You Know : At an Energy and Commerce hearing on December 2, 2011, the CEO of TransCanada, the company proposing the pipeline, confirmed this plan, saying he could not guarantee that the fuel from the pipeline would stay in the United States ?

Did You Know : Internal analysis done by TransCanada has shown that moving the end point of the current Keystone pipeline from the Midwest to Texas would increase gasoline prices for Midwest U.S. consumers ?

Did You Know : TransCanada Corp. already is shipping close to 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day into the US regardless of President Barack Obama’s denial of the Keystone XL Pipeline extension permit ?

Did You Know : The Keystone XL’s 300-mile leg from Steele City, Neb., to Cushing (Cushing is the largest U.S. terminal and trading hub about 60 miles west of Tulsa) has been in operation since last March ?

Did You Know : In September, Nebraska Governor Dave Heinemann (R) asked President Barack Obama to deny a permit due the planned route over an aquifer … or did you just know that President Barack Obama blocked the TransCanada permit to build the Keystone XL leg from the Canadian border to Steele City, citing potential environmental dangers if the route went through the Sand Hills region of western Nebraska, which is just above the massive Ogallala Aquifer ?

Did You Know : An amendment on H.R. 3548, the “North American Energy Access Act” was offered by Representative Ed Markey, No. 1b, to prohibit the export of oil and refined products that originate from the Keystone XL pipeline ?
The Amendment reads : A waiver for this requirement may be issued by the President if it can be determined such exports will not lead to increased imports from hostile countries, higher fuel prices, or the violation of current laws and trade agreements.
The amendment failed with every Republican voting against it.
Representative Markey reacted : “under this bill there are no guarantees that even a drop of the tar sands oil and fuels will stay in this country. This bill is not about energy security, it is not about jobs, it is about oil company profits, plain and simple.”

Did You Know : Ed Markey introduced a bill that would ensure that the oil and refined fuel from the Canadian conduit is actually sold in the United States — H.R.3900To ensure that oil transported through the Keystone XL pipeline is used to reduce United States dependence on Middle Eastern oil ?
Mr. Markey commented, “You can’t sneak a 1,700 mile pipeline past the American people, and you shouldn’t be able to sneak the oil out of the United States either. Other countries shouldn’t be allowed to bisect our country with a pipeline and then bypass our citizens to send the oil abroad.”

Do You Know of any reason WHY our Representatives Should Not enact HR 3900 ? ? ?
Why shouldn’t TransCanada be required to sell some of the refinded product to American consumers … aren’t we already paying more at the pump even though the Crude Oil inventories at Cushing climbed 1.5 million barrels in one week to 30.1 million barrels (according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration January 27).
Yes, there would be construction jobs (but how many workers will be American taxpayers?) but why should we not be guaranteed some of the oil ?