MN-03 : Erik Paulsen Number Two Priority ? Mass Mailings ?

Have you ever wonder what is Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) Number One priority ?

That’s simple …
Getting Minnesotans back to work continues to be my number one priority,” said Rep. Paulsen. “Ultimately, Washington needs to be focused on long term solutions to reform the tax code and the way Washington spends taxpayer’s money.”

Have you ever wonder what is Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) Number Two priority ?

While those that are TaxEnoughAlready wait for his answer, let’s look at how Minnesota House members are spending your monies on mailings :

SummaryTabulation of Mass Mailings
Distributed by Each Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

In accordance with Public Law 104-197 §311 and Resolution 110-10 of the Committee on House Administration, this table summarizes the number and costs incurred of mass mailings distributed via USPS by each Member during the period October 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011. A mass mailing is any unsolicited mailing of substantially identical content distributed to 500 or more persons over the course of the Legislative Year.

Total number of distributed :
290,123 Paulsen (R-03)
283,424 Bachmann (R-06)
174,048 Kline (R-02)
145,407 Walz (D-01)
112,233 Ellison (D-05)
70,322 Cravaack (R-08)
2,500 Peterson (D-07)
2,459 McCollom (D-04)

Cost :
$111,241.17 Paulsen (R-03)
$80,307.29 Kline (R-02)
$74,022.00 Walz (D-01)
$47,551.95 Bachmann (R-06)
$38,026.50 Cravaack (R-08)
$33,266.04 Ellison (D-05)
$10,035.00 Peterson (D-07)
$ 344.67 McCollom (D-04)

For the year, Representative Paulsen was the clear winner … winning the First Quarter – $43,527.45 for 329,050 mass mailings distributed; Second Quarter was $2,445.75 for 5,435 mass mailings and the Third Quarter was $58,487.88 for 160,818 mass mailings.

Representative Paulsen is correct though … the Third District needs someone that is concerned about “the way Washington spends taxpayer’s money” … and your mailbox tells you that is not Erik Paulsen.

But, heck, what’s a couple hundred thousand dollars …

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