MN-02 : Polls Brings Bad News for John Kline

It’s very early in the political process, as John Kline does not who is the DFL challenger is yet, but based on a recent MPR set of poll questions, Mr. Kline should be concerned.

The polls were taken during an online forum featuring two of the three candidates who are competing for the DFL endorsement. Acknowledging that this is an unscientific poll, as the questioners consisted of self-described independents, Kline-supporters and DFL-supporters, so the weighing may not reflect who will participate in November’s voting yet the message that was sent was clear – Mr. Kline’s rigid partisan philosophy and alliances with Party Managers and Special Interests is seen negatively by the respondents.

Michael Olson, MPR News interspersed these polls during the online forum :

Poll: What is the most important issue to you?
Economy (30%)
Education (19%)
Environment (4%)
Gridlock in Washington (37%)
Deficit/Spending (0%)
Taxes (4%)
Other (7%)

Poll: To shrink the deficit congress should:
Raise taxes (47%)
Cut entitlements (0%)
A combination of both (53%)

Poll: Gridlock in Washington is the:
Fault of Democrats (0%)
Fault of Republicans (53%)
Fault of both parties (47%)
Nature of a democracy (0%)

Poll: What is more important?
Bringing more money back to the district (70%)
Cutting spending (30%)

Take five minutes and read the “chat” as the candidates responded to a number of questions and stated their philosophies … and then ask yourself :
Will John Kline, as the powerful Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee and member of the Armed Services Committee, change if re-elected ?
Or would the country be better served with someone who is “cooperative and pragmatic and will discuss all reasonable ideas” or someone who encourages frank discussion about balancing the budget “but we need to make sure it’s not being balanced on the backs of middle class families, students and seniors. We have to make sure we are doing things like eliminating government redundancies, such as were cited in the recent GAO report. This would save us $10s of billions without compromising our priorities.”

There will be a choice in November.