MN-02 : Kline Campaign Theme – We Are All Conservatives

Last century, when I lived in Indiana, I voted for Dick Lugar … he always seemed reasonable … a statesman looking out for the better interest for our country – domestically and in his tenure as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Dick Lugar was defeated in the Republican primary by Richard Mourdock.
Mr. Mourdock philosophy is simple :
“The idea that somehow we have these experienced statesmen that are going to negotiate this truce with the Democrats is just not true. I want to make the arguments to the unfriendly crowds because we’re going to make some converts. I want people to know we have an option; it’s called conservatism and yeah, it works. So, bring it, bring it. I’m ready–we’re ready.”

Mr. Mourdock’s philosophy of confrontation and “My Way is the only way” echoes John Kline (R-MN-02) in his press release after the redistricting process reconfigured the Second District :
“Regardless of your home address and what congressional district you live in, we are all conservatives who love liberty and freedom and shudder to think what could befall our nation if the current Administration gets another four years to work its will. The consequences at stake in November are too important to ignore.”

It would be easy to ridicule his assertion that only conservatives love liberty or freedom, but instead the focus should be on the “consequences” that “could befall our nation” if conservatives do not rule.

And rule is what Chairman Kline currently does.
Take the reform of No Child Left Behind … So partisan that even the Chamber of Commerce has formally objected to H.R. 3989 Student Success Act calling it “This is bad for students and bad for taxpayers.” To date, the legislation is awaiting a debate by the full House after being approved at the Committee level by only Republicans.
Chairman Kline has not demonstrated any desire to consider other ideas — “My Way is the only way.”

This November, Chairman Kline will be challenged by Mike Obermueller.
Mike Cook of Session Weekly did a profile of Mike Obermueller when he was elected to the state legislature entitled : Working to unite

All-inclusive could describe the governing philosophy of Rep. Mike Obermueller.
The first-term Eagan DFLer, who ran on the theme of “Working for You,” wants ideas from his constituents, and he will do his darndest to make sure they are received.
I enjoy talking to people one-on-one about the issues that are important to them…. I think that’s what this job is all about.”

Recently, in a MPR forum, Mike Obermueller commented :

If I am elected, I can help break the gridlock in Washington. I have a record in the MN House of working to build consensus on issues, and breaking gridlock, but not compromising the values I came to the table with.
One of my goals in Congress will be to work to make sure our students are getting a world-class education. Education is an investment in our future. It means a stronger economy, better jobs and more innovation. I think the No Child Left Behind Act has failed our students and we need to make sure we are empowering our teachers to do much more than simply teach to a test.

That’s the difference … one is working to unite … while the other believes that the only opinion that counts is voiced by conservatives.

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