Romney Outreach Plan – Vote Easy with Dual-Citizenship

While many Americans are focused on the challenges being made to ensure that “only legal” voters participate by showing a “government-approved photo ID”, there is an active effort being made to encourage absentee voting …

Imagine it’s Nov. 6, you wake up, you don’t vote, you hear we have another razor-thin election,” Ari Fleischer asked a crowd at a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Jerusalem on Tuesday night. The event, and the trip, was organized by iVoteIsrael, an American nonprofit dedicated to registering Americans to vote in Israel. Under each seat lay an absentee ballot registration form and a pen.

The Times of Israel provides some background :

I Vote Israel was founded by “a diverse group” of American immigrants to Israel who are “deeply concerned about the safety, security and future” of their adopted home country, according to the campaign website. “Most importantly, we want to see a President in the White House who will support and stand by Israel in absolute commitment to its safety, security and right to defend itself,” it states. “Since we believe that ‘there is no such thing as friends in politics, only interests,’ we started thinking about how to be proactive about this.”
According to I Vote Israel national campaign director Elie Pieprz, 30,000 US-Israelis voted during the 2008 elections. His goal for the current campaign is to have up to 100,000 dual citizens cast absentee ballots before the November 6 vote that will decide whether Barack Obama will remain in the White House or be replaced by his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.
The biggest reason why people don’t vote is because it’s cumbersome. People don’t know how to do it,” Pieprz said.
He and his team of paid staffers and volunteers attend events in Israel with heavy American participation to sign them up for absentee ballots. They also go “door to door” to convince people to vote and help them with the paperwork, he said.
Each week, we’re bringing hundreds if not thousands [of voter registration forms] over to the American Embassy,” according to Pieprz.

Absentee ballots being delivered to American Embassy in Israel

The article also includes past results and current polling :

In 2008, US-Israelis apparently overwhelmingly favored the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain, with surveys showing that more than three quarters voted for him and less than a quarter for his Democratic opponent, who ended up winning the race. Bardash predicts that this year the number of absentee voters casting their ballot for the GOP candidate will be even higher as people are unhappy with Obama.
According to a recent poll, conducted by Shvakim Panorama marketing, about 32 percent of American voters in Israel plan to vote for Romney, while only 15 percent said they would cast their ballot for Obama. About 30 percent are still undecided, according to the poll.

The Jerusalem Post reported that a Romney fundraiser will take place July 29 in Jerusalem and will cost $60,000 a plate.

Ponder that outreach while recognizing the report of Israel’s newly discovered oil

Israel is blessed with a vast oil shale resource. When this resource is developed, it will bring Israel to energy independence. It is estimated that in the Shfela Basin alone, there are 150 billion barrels of oil.
According to the World Energy Council, a leading global energy forum with organizations and affiliates in some 93 countries, Israel may have the third largest shale oil reserves in the world: something like 250 billion barrels.
If the possibility of huge Israeli energy discoveries really pans out, and if the technical and resource problems connected with them can actually be solved, the US-Israeli relationship will also change. Some of this may already be happening. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s evident lack of worry when it comes to crossing President Obama may reflect his belief that Israel has some new cards to play. An energy-rich Israel with a lot of friends and suitors is going to be less dependent on the US than it has been — and it is also going to be a more valuable ally.

And consider how much foreign aid that Israel already receives (the current plan is a 10-year, $30 billion U.S. commitment, none of which was scheduled to fund Iron Dome) and that our Congress so eagerly increases monies (while taking plenty of PAC-paid trips) … in what could only be accomplished via an “earmark” in May of this year

The U.S. House Armed Services Committee voted last week to authorize as much as $680 million in new funding for Iron Dome from 2012 to 2015. George Little, a Pentagon spokesman, said in March that the Defense Department wanted more funds for the system even though it didn’t include money in its budget request for fiscal 2013. The House committee version of the defense authorization bill includes another $168 million “requested by [the] Government of Israel to meet its security requirements,” according to the panel’s report.

Meanwhile, Israel has cut its defense budget for this year by roughly 5 percent, with another 5 percent cut planned for next year

In summary … Romney is soliciting dual-citizens to vote and the reward is to ensure that spending for Israel continues while domestically Romney reminded voters at a Colorado Town Hall meeting on Tuesday that he intends to increase the size of the military by 100,000 and increase the build rate of Navy ships to 15 from 9 … but never tells us where the monies are coming from. Also, wanna-be CEO in Chief Romney wants create a territorial tax system where US companies will not have to pay U.S. taxes on income earned overseas even when repatriated.

America was founded on the concept of No Taxation without Representation, but considering that dual-citizens are unlikely to pay taxes, it appears that they could benefit from representation without taxation.

Romney … Good for Israel … Bad for America … and willing to go overseas to capture any vote he can.

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