MN-02: Kline Issues Commercial For August 14th Primary – Gerson Momentum ?

Foregoing the opportunity to meet with voters at FarmFest (Moderator Tom Rothman announced at the forum that “Congressman John Kline refused the invite from Farmfest”), John Kline (R-MN-02) was tweeting his new commercial encouraging his supporters to vote on August 14th. The sixty-second commercial’s message rehashes the familiar Kline mantra … “Obama bad; Kline has the commonsense solutions”.

But this is a primary election … not a debate between Romney and Obama … but instead who will be the Republican nominee for the Second District.

While, Representative Kline has been holding upon behind closed doors in Washington, his challenger, David Gerson has been out meeting the voters.

David Gerson (R-MN-02) talks to a young family of constituents on the campaign trail.

David Gerson (R-MN-02) talks to a young family of constituents on the campaign trail.

The Gerson message is straightforward … “I am a true conservative and I will uphold the Republican platform. The problem has been that we have been electing people that have come to campaign and say that they believe in the Republican platform but then go to Washington D.C. and transgress completely away from what our ideals and our true conservative values are.”
“John Kline does a great job messaging against the Democrats, but he has been part of the Republican leadership and part of leadership period on both sides of the (aisle) that has failed us over the last ten years. He has voted in line with (Speaker of the House) John Boehner on every major issue. No one votes with John Boehner more than John Kline. If you are happy with the leadership in Congress, and we know that nobody is, they have the lowest approval rating in history, you will love John Kline. We need to expose his record, which is un-defendable.”
“(Kline) has not been representing his constituents”
continued Gerson “He has been representing special interests in Washington D.C. He says he is for lower taxes, but he continues to vote for big government programs, bigger government, bigger budgets, bigger federal deficits that increase our taxes.
“We need to be honest with who we are and we need to deal with the last elephant in the room that our leadership has been failing us and we cannot blindly vote for people because they are incumbents.”

In conclusion, David Gerson describes the goal of his campaign is : “to restore people’s faith. To believe we can have a government by the people, for the people. That we can elect non-career politicians that will represent our interests. Leaders who understand the economy and will not be swayed by special interest groups. I am dedicated to providing a voice for the people and will make no apologies for disrupting the status quo. I am a pro-liberty, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-free market conservative. If you want to restore you liberties, restore America’s heritage and return to constitutionally limited government, I am your man.”

Voters in Minnesota’s Second District should heed John Kline’s message … VOTE in the primary … but remember, it was ten years ago that John Kline was first elected to Congress … but should the voters — to use David Gerson’s words — “blindly vote for people because they are incumbents” ?

To learn more, voters should read the candidate profile on the NewAgora website.

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