The Roundtable’s new website layout, mostly manned by MN Central, sometimes manned by‘s Dave Mindeman, and then womanned by Dog Gone and Holly Cairns on the rare occasion, has a new look. MN Central, who uses a pseudonym (and no, I don’t know who he is) often writes from an Independent perspective but agrees with us other writers on many things, such as that we need to oust CD 2’s Congressman John Kline. Kline has been saying things like, “I’d rather have an armed teacher than a gunman gone wild.” Is CD2 ready for armed teachers? Kline, who could have said anything, talked armed teachers. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Luckily Kline is now the anomaly in CD2 as voters picked Obama, Klobuchar, DFL Senators, and said no no to proposed amendments, but still voted in Kline.

I am more of a techie than a writer, but I recently blogged “Sequester: Poppin’ Pigs or Hurtful Cuts“. Those Sequester cuts, enabled by Republicans, really piss me off. And poppin’ pigs is just mean.

What might make the Roundtable unique is how we spread information. Check out our sidebar and footer where you’ll find Dayton’s latest posts, Klobuchar’s latest posts, Kline’s latest posts, and more. If those others post something on their blog it shows up on the Roundtable within 6 hours or so (or as soon as WordPress picks it up). We don’t handpick news, we just use computerization to list it in our sidebar. Oh, and we automatically push our posts out to several Twitter and Facebook accounts with the push of one button. Sing!

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