Did Kline and Challenger Discuss CISPA During Reagan Dinner ?

This week, the House will vote on a bill co-sponsored by John Kline (R-MN-02) H.R.624 : Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act … a bill that seems to unite a varied of groups in opposition. Groups that normally support Republican candidates like Freedom Works and the Liberty Coalition have objected … as well as more liberal groups like ACLU.

Freedom Works warns :

CISPA would encourage private companies such as Google and Facebook to share your private information with the federal government. If it becomes law, the National Security Agenda (NSA) could be reading your emails or looking through your Internet browsing history—without a warrant. You will not be notified that a company has given your private information to the federal government.
Clearly, this bill violates our fourth amendment right to privacy. The language of the bill says that companies must only share “cyber security threat information.” But it does not clearly define what that means.
There is possibility that a company could—accidentally or intentionally—send your extremely personal details to federal agencies. CISPA protects companies from any lawsuits for monitoring, storing, and sharing private information with the federal government.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, there may be some that will promote quickly approving CISPA … while some may suggest there are still concerns.

David Gerson has been making the circuit at various Republican events (next up is May 4th at event featuring Thomas E. Woods, Jr., the New York Times bestselling author) and plans to again seek the 2014 endorsement for the Second District.

David Gerson, who challenged John Kline in the Republican Primary last year, cited Representative Kline’s support for CISPA as one of the examples of “Kline’s most egregious votes.”

Gotta make you wonder if CISPA was discussed during the Reagan dinner last weekend that both attended.

The Second District continues to be a race to watch in 2014.
David Gerson MN-02 Reagan dinner

Kline Reagan MN-02 dinner

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