Nolan Complains; Boehner Golfs; Cantor to Israel; Where’s John Kline ?

As a businessman, I would never close shop with a pile of orders left to fill, but that’s what’s happening here in Congress. The Speaker (Republican John Boehner of Ohio) sets the work schedule, so we can look to his leadership and that of the Republican majority to get Congress back to work for the American people,” said Rick Nolan (D-MN-08) during a one-minute address, where he called on Boehner to cancel or postpone the August recess.
As a businessman, I would never even consider giving my employees a month or five weeks off when we’re not getting our jobs done,” Nolan said, while also pointing out the low marks Americans are giving Congress.

Rick Nolan gets it … the House is derelict in its duties. Considering that we started the year with Newtown as an inspiration to re-evaluate America’s gun laws and a fiscal crisis being extended through Current Resolutions to fund the government yielding to enforcement of the sequester … and ignoring other issues like immigration reform and a fairer tax system as well as stopping THUD (transportation and infrastructure investments), the House leadership has left the agriculture industry wondering if it will ever get a new farm bill … and yesterday, meeting with affected farmers, Collin Peterson (D-MN-07) and Tim Walz (D-MN-01) participated in a forum that by all accounts produced gloomy predictions of self-inflicted harm. Details on the legislative items lost or endangered if this happened ranged from losing disaster insurance on livestock to losing conservation protections to farmers simply losing certainty in how rules will impact their operations.
Peterson, Walz and some farm organization leaders on the forum panel, as reporting by the Mankato Free Press, that the farm bill is being held up by tea party-backed House Republicans.

“It’s not a Republican issue. It’s a small group that’s decided that this is the route they want to take,” Walz said.
Peterson was more direct in pointing to the one man he sees as the roadblock to a farm bill — House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who is seen as the leader of House tea party members.
Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union, said he and others met with every incoming freshman after the 2010 elections — many of whom were Republicans swept into office by the tea party movement.
He said those tea party members had a unified message when talking about the farm bill and food stamps. “They said my boss (Cantor) was elected to come to Washington to cut with a meat cleaver, not a scalpel,” Johnson said. “You have that right wing that is like the tail wagging the dog.”

So, we know that Rick Nolan wants to work … as does Collin Peterson and Tim Walz … but where is John Boehner ?

Politico reports :

The Ohio Republican is in his annual August fundraising swing — he raised money for Rep. Scott Perry in Harrisburg, Pa., on Monday and is appearing at an event for Rep. Chris Gibson in Ferndale, N.Y., Tuesday.
The golf outing took place at Donad Trump’s course in Bedminster, N.J
Trump cut a $100,000 check to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC linked to Boehner.

After golfing it was off to Alan Gerry and his wife Sandra home, where people who paid as much as $2,600, were able to meet Speaker Boehner. Tuesday’s event raised more than $100,000 for Representative Gibson’s 2014 re-election campaign.

That was Tuesday, and today, Speaker Boehner is scheduled to attend an evening’s event for Rep. Chris Collins of Clarence NY. The fundraiser is being held at a private home in the town of Hamburg, south of Buffalo.

So, Speaker Boehner has the golf banquets covered … where’s Majority Leader Cantor ?

Eric Cantor (R-VA-07) will be taking 22 Republican Members of Congress for a “study mission” where they will visit with Israeli and Palestinian leaders as well as tours of U.S.-funded defense systems, including the short-range Iron Dome anti-missile program.

As the Jewish Press reports :

Congress Hits Road To Jerusalem
The greatly underworked and unproductive Congress just adjourned for a long, undeserved summer vacation. You know what that means: it’s time to hit the road.

The Israeli government has become very skilled at hosting congressional delegations (CODELs) of all stripes. Rarely has any lawmaker returned with less than a positive experience. The Israelis, starting with Netanyahu (R-Likud), understand these trips are not only good foreign policy but also good domestic politics for both countries.
Picking up the tab for the Hoyer and Cantor CODELs will be the American Israel Education Foundation, a non-profit branch of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Under House rules, no lobbyists will be accompanying the lawmakers on this trip but each participant can be expected to send his Jewish constituents and donors a glowing “How I spent my summer vacation” report afterwards just to let them know what a great friend of Israel their representative is. P.S. My opponent is terrible and doesn’t love Israel nearly as much as I do, so send money to my re-election campaign fund.

BTW, Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) have participated in two “study missions” to Israel during their short congressional careers.

So where’s John Kline … no he was not at FarmFest … could he be going to Israel next week ? Could he be on the banquet circuit ? Could he be holding one-on-one sessions with donors ?
We do not know … but that does not mean that his constituents are not asking the question … and getting the run-around as documented in this posting :

I called Kline’s local office in Burnsville this morning. I asked a simple question – “Will John Kline be attending FarmFest?”

That would only need to be a Yes or No…except that does not happen in Kline’s office. The receptionist tells me she doesn’t have the Congressman’s schedule. Let me digress for a moment – Kline is on August recess. He, in theory, is wanted to talk to constituents. Yet, the person answering the phone is not given Kline’s schedule to disseminate. What is with that?

But back to my question. The receptionist said that the scheduler would be in charge of that and that she would have her get back to me.

Middle of the afternoon. No word.

So I called again. Same question, but this time I asked to speak to the scheduler. I was told, “she is not in right now, but I can direct you to her voice mail.” I said, Please do.

I left a message with the same simple question. “Is John Kline going to attend FarmFest this year?”

I am still waiting for an answer

Contrast John Kline with Rick Nolan, who not only tells the Speaker that there is work to be done, but informs his constituents his “Come To You” schedule.

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