Could Democrats in Minnesota pull Republican donations?

In further proof that the Tea Party is becoming highly unpopular, in Georgia Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn is getting the support of mainstream Republican donors for the 2014 Georgia senate seat election, including from Romney supporters in 2012.

Her likely opposition is one of two embarrassments to the state, either Tea Party extremist Congressmen Gingry or Brown.  Both are of the Tea Party style we tend to think of from our own Michele Bachmann.  Gingry defended the rape position of Missouri candidate Todd Akins, while Broun has come out in a variety of crazy anti-science positions ranging from theory of evolution denial to climate change denial to the big bang theory of origins of the universe, to archeology denial.  Both are fundamentalist  religious fanatics.



Actually, there is evidence of a HIGHER rate of conception in cases of rape, btw; and NO evidence exists that the stress of rape reduces pregnancies either.  Being caught making such crazy wrong  anti-science statements is a characteristic of the radical right wing.

On top of the Alabama primary for a congressional seat, where the U.S. Chamber of Congress is supporting the Democratic candidate against tea party primary candidates, and the Republican support in the Virginia race against Tea Party candidates in Virginia, this is part of a larger trend nationwide.

Will we see it here in Minnesota?  If Bachmann reverses her decision not to run – will Republican money oppose her?  Will there be centrist Republican money oppose the OTHER Republican members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation who voted along with the Tea Party and who espouse all of their politics, short of the final restart government vote last month?  They have had a lower profile, but they vote very much the same, and when pushed, or when voting, espouse the same positions.

Between now and the 2014 election, the tea party is promising, or more accurately threatening, to do the same thing all over again, and again and again to get what they want.  I predict this will send more and more money, organized and individual, towards Democratic candidates across the country……and maybe in Minnesota as well.

OR, will we see the Minnesota delegation, in anticipation of a loss of some of the right wing big money, start moving left in anticipation of 2014?  They won’t be able to have it both ways; finally, they will have to choose…but which choice?