Kline’s Inaction Leads To Complaints and Arrests

John Kline had a pretty simple message during the GOP Shutdown,

Mr. Speaker, we find ourselves one week into a government shutdown. That’s something I hoped I would never have to say on the floor of this House.
All we’re asking for is a conversation, Mr. Speaker. That’s it.
House Republicans want to sit down in good faith and work to get this government open again, and to make sure that all Americans are treated fairly …”

Viewing the video, Representative Kline appears to be exasperated … and so it appears was the crowd that gathered at Congressman Kline’s office this week.
Organized by La Asamblea de Derechos Civiles (Assembly of Civil Rights), a statewide, faith-based non-profit organization, an estimated group of one hundred gathered to encourage Representative Kline “to listen to the community” and join other Republicans to supporting H. R. 15 : Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Pablo Tapia, a co-founder of the group, told the receptionist that it wasn’t the first time they were requesting a meeting with Representative Kline. “We have delivered letters, we have had people here to request a meeting, but we haven’t had any answers,” Mr. Tapia said. “The only thing we’ve had as an answer is police chasing us out. So we’re coming back, we still want to talk to the Congressman about immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”

So after numerous requests, the crowd resorted to an act of civil disobedience resulting in the police being called to arrest ten people.

This is not the way Representatives should engage with their constituents … after all

Yet, Representative Kline has ignored at least four previous attempts to discuss immigration reform.

Will this attempt at civil disobedience be successful … well, last month, about 20 students from immigrant families and supporters from Michigan United led a rally to Representative Fred Upton’s office calling for him to cosponsor an immigration reform bill that offers a clear path to citizenship.
On Thursday, Representative Upton told members of the Rotary Club of Gull Lake Area, “I will be part of a bipartisan effort to fix the problem, because it has to be fixed. To me, doing nothing is not acceptable.” Representative Upton estimated there were 120 to 140 Republican votes in favor of immigration reform.

But where is John Kline ?

John Kline may be silent … but his potential challengers are not :

It doesn’t get clearer than this – our immigration system is broken and we need comprehensive reform. People in Minnesota know that immigration reform makes sense for our economy and I like the overwhelming majority of folks in CD2 think it is time for action,” said Mike Obermueller. “Congressman Kline has been focusing on partisan brinksmanship instead of focusing on fixing the real problems we face. We need a leader that is going to take on these challenges and work towards solutions.”

Heck, even the US Chamber of Commerce has issued a report Immigration: Myths and Facts … even if John Kline does not to listen to the people, how can he refuse to listen to the Chamber ?

Here’s the video (through The UpTake) complete with interviews of some of the citizens that John Kline is ignoring

It’s time for a vote !

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