Minnesota and the Nation are developing a ‘nut allergy’, a political nut allergy

imageWe casually use the term ‘nut’ as in conspiracy nut, gun nut, abortion nut, birther nut,  to refer to people who are extreme in their beliefs to the point of being kind of crazy.

A lot of the Tea Party fanatics are THOSE kind of nuts, and as we have seen, those kind of nuts result in bad government, and in government shut downs.  We’ve seen it on the state level, and voted them out as soon as we could.  Now we are seeing it on the national level, and it is time for us to vote them out there as well.

Some people don’t realize we have these same kinds of nuts still in the lege, on the right, although in a minority.  But we also have them in more local positions, at either the county or municipal level.  We’ve seen that in the few local law enforcement officers around the state of Minnesota who advocate for something that isn’t legal – nullification – when it comes to gun laws.  They basically claim that there are laws they don’t like, so they can just declare them invalid, and decide not to enforce them.

Let me repeat that.  Nullification is not legal, it is not lawful.

We also see that in the militia movements who want to take to the streets, and overthrow our existing elected government.

Below is one of these ‘nuts’, not one of OUR nuts, in this case — but we have nuts just like him, home grown, right here in Minnesota.  Some of them are in OUR law enforcement.  We have had sheriffs and lower level LEOs who believe in the same things, and who make the same ‘nut’ statements, but usually with a little more Minnesota nice and less profanity.

This nut, in PA, just got fired, and he just lost his attempt to be elected county sheriff as well.  Because like Minnesota, Pennsylvania is developing a ‘nut’ allergy.  Warning – THIS IS ROUGH STUFF.  Play the videos with discretion.

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This rather perfectly sums up the problems with Mark Kessler’s law enforcement career in the tiny municipality of the Borough of Gilberton in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania (pop. around 800), except that it leaves out the part about nullification, where Kessler and those like him decide to simply invalidate any gun laws they don’t like  and choose not to enforce.Nullification is illegal.
Kessler has a youtube video about that too.Here is the summary.


For those of you not familiar with Mark Kessler, he got himself first suspended, and then fired, for inappropriate use of borough property, (the guns).   His conduct while in uniform would certainly seem to fail to rise to the expected level of professionalism, and his comments would appear to be grossly inconsistent with what is usually law enforcement ethical standards of conduct as I understand them – and it is not ONLY my opinion.  This was filmed BEFORE Kessler behaved so badly he was fired.

Below are just a few of the offending videos made with some or all departmental firearms, and possibly department purchased ammunition.  These are violent and full of profanities, not suitable for an office or for family viewing.

I would point out that in the first video, Kessler makes a point of being in his duty uniform as a law enforcement officer, giving the impression that this has some official authority or sanction to it.


The VIDEO below appears to be a Kessler family member; I can only surmise that the gentleman being confronted might be one of the people Kessler may have threatened, possibly from municipal government.

I can find no continuation scheduled for any final or concluding hearing on his termination as Chief (and only) law officer.  That hearing was moved, at the suggestion of Kessler’s own attorney to the County Courthouse, where his supporters would not be allowed to bring their guns inside after the gun accident at his last hearing.

At the same hearing, big brags were made about thousands of armed truckers, with their guns,  showing up to start some kind of wacko right wing revolution.

And then they were going on to take over Washington D.C. None of that happened.

He next thought he might cruise into a new job, Sheriff of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

He expected that to happen by write in vote, since he did not bother to bestir his crazy lazy bones to actually get on the ballot. Here is the result of that election:

Precincts Reported 125 of 125 (100.00%)
Candidate Party Votes
Joseph G. Groody DEMOCRATIC 20,770
Patrick M. Reynolds REPUBLICAN 8,383
Write-in 736

We don’t know that all of those 736 Write-in votes were for Mark Kessler; we can probably only rely on his own vote for himself as one of those write-ins.  Write ins apparently WILL be revealed after the election results are certified next week.

The Republican candidate was an on-again / off-again contender, who had his own issues with arrests and alleged criminal behavior that included (allegedly) pulling a gun on someone and making terroristic threats.  He goes back into court on those criminal charges in December.  He is a former army police officer AND current state constable. Here is his facebook page for Kessler’s write in campaign for sheriff, after fb sanitized it apparently of profanity:  https://www.facebook.com/kessler4sheriff?ref=br_tf

Next he claims he is going to sue Gilberton.  For what is not really clear; possibly some frivolous law suit relating to wrongful termination, or … who knows with this guy.