Hog Crap : Paulsen Accepts Award To Advocate To Preserve and Protect National Treasures

Did you catch the report from Politico this week that “The National Parks Service lost more than $500 million in visitor spending nationwide with parks closed” due to the GOP Shutdown ?

Did you see the latest sequester news … The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore which will all but close as they may not be able to plow a road to the popular ice caves in Cornucopia WI … and next year promises more cuts.

Did you catch the story from the LA Times : Effects of nearby fracking trickle into the park, raising worry to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. “We have pristine air, we have pristine water; nothing has ever threatened those things before,” Jim Fuglie, a former North Dakota tourism director who writes about Badlands issues. “This is a huge economic benefit to North Dakota. But with a boom comes all kinds of problems.
We have cattle ranchers whose grass is being covered by the dust of a thousand trucks a day

Yeah, those are stories that you may have missed … but did you catch the press release or tweet from Erik Paulsen ?

National Parks Conservation Association Recognizes Paulsen’s Work to Preserve & Protect National Parks
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) was awarded the National Parks Conservation Association “Friends of the National Parks” Award today in Minneapolis for his support of America’s National Parks in Congress. Established in 1919, the National Parks Conservation Association is an independent, nonpartisan association that advocates on behalf of the National Park System. Its mission is “to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations.” Rep. Paulsen has worked diligently in Congress to protect our parks, monuments, and civil war battlegrounds. This is the second time Congressman Paulsen has won the recognition.
“Our National Parks are one of our greatest natural resources that many Minnesota families take advantage of for camping, hiking, fishing, and other recreational activities,” said Congressman Paulsen. “I will continue to advocate to preserve and protect these national treasures so future generations can enjoy such magnificent sites.”

This is the second time in four months that Congressman Paulsen has promoted this award … first when it was announced that his score qualified (if you score greater than 50%, you get a nicely framed award which prompted the second presser.)
Previously, it was noted that the Republicans planned to cut additional amounts greater than the sequester … but with the GOP Shutdown, the government is funded via Continuing Resolution creating uncertainty … so get your picture taken quick, Congressman Paulsen.

After all, that picture is what you want voters to remember … not the consequences of the Republican cuts or policies they advocate.

Let us remember the Paulsen For Congress agenda

Washington has been on the wrong track for far too long
I support proven pro-growth economic policies, including:
— Cutting red tape for small businesses
— A comprehensive approach to energy, including the expansion of nuclear and renewable energies. We need to build the Keystone Pipeline

Want a quick example of cutting red tape … how about C&H Farms (Jason Henson and Philip Campbell) which has one customer (Cargill) and wanted to establish a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation or CAFO, which in other words is a place to fatten up a whole bunch of animals in a short amount of time. The CAFO will house up to 6,500 hogs and there will be some 2 million gallons of waste produced annually, which is a lot of hog crap. C & H Farms will need a permit for the an industrial-scale hog farm that will sit near Big Creek, which is a major tributary of the Buffalo National River — meaning it will impact a national treasure.
The National Parks Conservation Association, opposes this, writing :

The permit process didn’t assess the economic impact on tourism or the environmental impact on local residents. Government agencies seem to be going out of their way to protect an industrial swine facility that will produce a handful of jobs, rather than our first national river that belongs to all of us and supports $38 million in local spending and 500 local jobs. Additionally, there are serious concerns over the impacts of air pollution on the over 250 children attending school just across Big Creek and the flood-prone fields where the 2 million gallons of hog manure produced annually will be sprayed.

OK … let’s summarize … Erik Paulsen urges cuts in “red tape” …. a “farm” gets a taxpayer subsidized loan and is backed up in the case of a natural disaster by the taxpayer (see Congressman Paulsen vote FOR the H.R. 2642, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FARRM) Act of 2013, on July 11, 2013) … and who will benefit … Cargill which happens to be a favorite contributor to Erik Paulsen’s election campaign ($46,350) {FYI : Paulsen only trails Speaker Boehner by a mere $150 to be Cargil’s Favorite “Representative} … but Representative Paulsen wants us to know that he will continue “to advocate to preserve and protect these national treasures”.

OK … but Representative Paulsen is not limited to cutting red tape, he also wants “nuclear and renewable energies” but what about “fracking” and its effect on nearby national parks ?

What about Keystone ?
Under the Energy Production and Project Delivery Act of 2013 proposed by Congressional Republicans, permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would move Canadian energy company, TransCanada, Alberta’s oil sands crude to Gulf Coast refineries, would be expedited; and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska would be opened to gas and oil development.
The Keystone XL pipeline would cross the Yellowstone, Missouri, Platte, and Niobrara Rivers as well as run over a massive Midwestern underground water source called the Ogallala Aquifer, which waters America’s breadbasket (accounting for about one-fifth the annual U.S. agricultural harvest and $20 billion worth of food on the world market).

Gosh, when candidate Paulsen says we need renewable energy, does he think Keystone, ANWR, and fracking are keys to that ?

Well, Congratulations Representative Paulsen on your award … it’s good to think that you “continue to advocate to preserve and protect these national treasures” yet it appears that you “continue to advocate to preserve and protect” your contributors and corporations who you truly “represent“.

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