Kline Tele-Town Hall Highlights : Laughs, Impeachment, Ammo, FEMA camps And Healthcare

Yep, for approximately one-hour on Tuesday (what many families would call the dinner hour), John Kline reached out to answer questions from constituents.

While John Kline had only one objective :
Question: do you have favorable or unfavorable impression view of President’s health care law?

And the follow-up Question : Your top concern w/ Pres HC law?
1-ind mandate;
2-increased HC costs;
3-IRS enforcing coverage;
4-no concerns;

(BTW … the unscientific survey results reveal : 33% concerned w/ IRS enforcement of #ObamaCare; 32% bothered by rising costs from #ObamaCare; 18% ind mandate; 7% no concerns; 10% unsure )
(Comment : Why are so many people concerned about IRS enforcement when the law prohibits the IRS from using liens or levies to collect any “payment you owe”. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh understands the weakness of the IRS “The only way that they can collect the penalty or the fine is by taking money from your refund. If you are not owed a refund, they cannot get money from you. If you structure your taxes so that you do not get a refund, you do not have to buy insurance and you do not have to pay a fine ’cause they can’t collect it from you if you don’t have a refund due. And that is just another nail in the coffin of Obamacare imploding on itself.”
Hopefully, Congressman Kline can “rush” the word out and calm his constituents.)

For those that got the invitation call, know what questions were asked and how John Kline responded … for others, they may have read John Kline’s tweets (of course, you get his version) … for example :

Wow … a Farmington clinic has shut down … good thing that Farmington has the “FamilyHealth Medical Clinic–Farmington, a primary and specialty care medical clinic offering a broad choice of providers and seamless integration with all the other services of Northfield Hospital & Clinics. We accept Medicare and all major health insurance plans. If referral to more specialized care becomes necessary, we will honor your preferences and insurance requirements.”
Heck, the website even recognizes MNSure.
Woo … looks like the community will still have a clinic.
Hopefully, John Kline discussed that …

Besides the “official” tweets from Congressman Kline, one listener did also tweet his observations … and they provide insight worth repeating.

Caller #6 on Obamacare: “I don’t think they should be allowed to dip into our bank accounts!” John Kline doesn’t correct her
Caller #6 refers to Nancy Pelosi as ‘babe’ and ‘honey’ and ‘ding dong’, John Kline laughs then apologizes for laughing.
Caller #6: “Why is it that homeland security has one billion rounds of ammunition and yet they’re trynna take away our guns?”
Caller #7 says ABC,CBS,NBC,PBS are ‘extraordinarily liberal TV groups’ putting forth ‘liberal agenda’, says to watch Fox
Caller: “they’re building all these FEMA camps!” Again John Kline doesn’t correct him, makes odd noises signaling his agreement
Caller: “Why hasn’t people been going out to impeach certain people? I ain’t gonna mention any names. But… Obama.”
John Kline makes nice [read: so awful] connection between IRS enforcement of Obamacare and IRS targeting of right-wing groups
John Kline implies China debt blame is on dems, caller says no, that’s US big biz’s fault. Kline goes to next caller
Caller respectfully expresses concern about partisan fighting, implies John Kline is part of problem. He’s trying to escape.
Caller against attacks on Obama for attempt to imprv healthcare. John Kline: “Sorry, they’re pulling the plug on me,” ends call

Gosh, was there any mention of the sequester cuts ? Head Start cuts ? Food stamp cuts ? Immigration reform ? School safety ? Mental health needs ? Infrastructure investments ? Shutdown ? Tax fairness ? Jobs ?

Well, those most likely would have occurred if John Kline could spend more than one hour listening to his constituents … but maybe they will remember what to do on November 4, 2014 — John Kline: “Sorry, they’re pulling the plug on me.”

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