Kline Cheers Marching Band Saved From Sequester Cuts

Who doesn’t love a parade ?

Well, we know that John Kline (R-MN-02) does … but what about the millions of Americans who have just lost their unemployment check ?

John Kline voted for the latest budget which pushed the sequester cuts out a few years and authorized more than half a trillion in Defense spending every year than would have occurred under the Budget Control Act.

That means the sequester cuts that would have effected the Marine Corps and its 10 bands are saved.
For years, Congress has debated various amendments to cut back on military bands but John Kline has rejected those cuts.

So what about extending the unemployment benefits ?

Well, we know that the House left Washington for recess without authorizing a new extension and the Senate plans to vote on one this week … but what will John Kline accept … in 2012, he advocated 59 weeks … how many today ?

And if he needs to find dollars for funding the extension … well, the Rose Bowl parade can go on without the USMC participating … it’s just our tax dollars marching by.

It’s time for the House to vote on H.R.3546 : Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013.

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