Tip of the Iceberg – Kline Headlines Funds for Favors Report

Kline press photo

Chairman John Kline of the Education and Workforce Committee got a little “free publicity” that he probably does not want his constituents to see … a feature in the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) study.

In 2011, CREW released its first Funds for Favors report, which analyzed campaign contributions to the chairmen and ranking members of ten House committees. Our analysis, which included data from the 1998 through the 2010 election cycles, revealed that as members’ power and seniority increased, the industries they were responsible for regulating steered more and more money into their campaign coffers. This new edition of the report compares campaign
finance data from the 2010 election cycle to the 2012 election cycle, and shows industries are continuing to shower campaign cash on lawmakers who oversee them.

Rep. John Kline (R-MN), who took over the House Committee on Education and the Workforce in 2011, saw a 155% increase in contributions from education and workforce-related industries while his demoted counterpart, Rep. George Miller (D-CA), saw his industry contributions drop by 52%. Much of the shift was driven by the education industry, which more than tripled campaign contributions to Rep. Kline while essentially ending contributions to Rep. Miller.

On the surface, this should raise a concern … why is it that Second District constituents seem to have difficulty in getting face time with Representative Kline yet those with money seem to be able to have the Chairman participate in various forums ?

Yet, how individuals report personal information may produce an unreporting of the contributions and their associations.
For example (not included in the 2012 data), on August 16, 2013 a $5,000 contribution was accepted by Chairman Kline’s Security and Freedom Political Action Committee from Marcie Stein … a housewife from Glencoe Illinois. The same day, Avy Stein also made a $5,000 contribution and his occupation is listed as being with Willis Stein Partners.
Do you see any connection between the Steins and the Education sector ?
Did you see the “Education Corporation of America” listed ? For those not familiar with ECA, the Chairman of the Board of Education Corporation of America is Avy Stein.
Nothing improper with Marcie and Avy Steing making a contribution to Chairman Kline’s PAC … yet, unless CREW’s dug a little deeper the amount of donations and influence may be understated.

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