Minnesota Congressional District 2, Morals and Social Justice

Minnesota’s Congressional District 2 candidate Mike Obermueller (Democrat) was bested by John Kline (Republican) in the 2012 election, but not by much. The district, which is 80% urban and %20 percent rural, voted to elect Obama.  Mike Obermueller is back, building momentum, support, and name recognition; making it even harder for incumbent Kline. Here he is seen listening to his district, sharing an action plan and demonstrating a readiness to lead:


Image from Mike Obermueller’s Twitter account.

John Kline’s character has been weighed, measured, and found wanting.  People within his own party think he’s not doing enough, war is unpopular and his military personality turns people off, and he’s been called out for authoring bills that hurt students while taking money from those same places that prey on students:

“Kline, along with the rest of the GOP senior leadership in the House, has consistently worked to protect for-profit colleges from serious accountability. This posture is disturbing, given that many of the big for-profit colleges receive close to 90 percent of money from federal financial aid. (Kline also is now hustling to defeat Senate legislation that would require for-profit colleges to earn a slightly larger share of their revenue from sources besides the federal government.)”

Examining the voter shows the demographic shift doesn’t support Kline.  The Greatest Generation is dying out and racist grandpas won’t  be voting. Congressional District 2 contains two major liberal arts colleges and if rallied to attend the young overwhelmingly vote Democrat.  The young-old voting gap is the largest since Nixon v. McGovern in 1972.


“Since his 2008 victory, Obama’s support has slipped across all generations, but the age gap has not narrowed. He continues to hold a substantial edge among 18-to-29-year-old voters, while voters age 65 and older currently favor Romney by a slightly larger margin than they backed McCain.”

Today’s woman worries about equality and social justice.  Mike Obermueller believes women deserve equal pay for equal work, access to effective birth control, that a woman’s medical decisions are best left between a woman and her doctor, and Obermueller was strongly for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.  John Kline supported none of that.  In general, more women vote than men and women will be rallied to vote in 2014.

Lastly, Republicans are trying to rally the vote using the moral argument, but the idea that Christians are being persecuted  and we’re allowing too much evil won’t fly with the average voter. Americans are indeed worried about our morals and our future, but the top ranking problem is a lack of tolerance, respect, or consideration for others:


Mike Obermueller is indeed in a good position to overtake John Kline, and most likely will become yet another House Democrat.

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