Update on Title IX Conservative Lies

You can read the earlier story here. To recap, parents raised some $15,000 for spectator seating, and then built the seating; it failed to meet proper standards – the fault of oversight and lack of information being provided by the School District – and then had to be removed.

Glenn Beck and Fox News tried to make this a case of government overreach and claimed that somehow the male student athletes were being badly served by this (girls don’t count apparently).

The following is an update to the original Forbes debunking article to this radical right wing propaganda:

Somebody ordered that the seats be removed. But the evidence points to that somebody not being an employee of the federal government. I don’t blame the baseball boosters for being upset about having to tear apart what they worked hard to build. But if they or anyone else is going to get angry, they should make sure their displeasure is directed at the right people.

But the most telling comment from one of the parents in the school district was this:

One lesson out of this is that if Fox News calls, it’s because the network wants to use you for political purposes, facts be damned.

From one of the parents in the booster club, who worked to build the baseball field seating. This was in the form of a comment, on a Forbes article written by another parent in the booster club:

Hi Bob, great article. I just want to be sure you understand that we, the booster parents who built this seating and are upset over the way in which the removal was managed (or rather mismanaged) by the Plymouth Canton school district see this from the same perspective as you. The issue is not with the government (even though many comments on the Fox 2 Detroit site consisted of that viewpoint). The issue is not with the girls’ softball team or their parents. The issue is with the lack of communication from the district and the lack of responsibility regarding their involvement and the lack of opportunity they gave the community to help come up with a solution that would allow us to build something up for the girls’ facilities without having to tear down what was already in place for the boys and would appease the government. Ms. Dietrich’s statement of “Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to many supporters and parents, the boys baseball scoreboard and seating updates were constructed and managed outside of the appropriate district protocol and oversight several years ago” is a reflection on their administration. Not on the parents.

and another comment, from another parent involved in raising money for the removed seating:

Correct to the letter above, and I tried to make that point on Fox and Friends .. the district was not transparent on the goverments position. We were only told by the district that the baseball seating had to be torn down.

The Fed’s did not come to our door looking for a violation, someone from our area asked them in.

I believe the goverment would have allowed our district a reasonable time frame to create an equal seating option, but I think the district was too lazy to ask.

This is a shame. and any district employee that was associated with this situation should be both ashamed, and ready for a new career when the next vote come around.

And then there was this additional comment, about being invited onto Fox News — the parents who were invited did not know what kind of radical right wing propaganda was the typical Fox fare.