Jackie Craig runs for Lakeville School Board


Jackie Craig and her family.

Lakeville’s former ECFE (Eary Childhood Family Education) Advisory Council chair Jackie Craig is running for school board! She’s a ball of energy. Craig, also a member of  Leadership Lakeville, has experience collaborating with community members and school staff. If you care about kids and want to help her campaign, here’s her blog The Truth As I Understand It.  And remember to vote November 4, 2014!  Read more about why to vote for her here:

What makes an effective school board member and what skills do I possess that qualify me to represent our community?
I support the Lakeville Area Public Schools vision of world-class, personalized learning ensuring the success of all students and am capable of measuring the success of our district and our superintendent against our goals.
You will always know where I stand on issues. I also advocate for all open public meetings to be live feeds, including study sessions. An important role of the public sector is to debate publicly in accordance to the Minnesota Open Meeting Law.
I enthusiastically participate in discussions about the direction of education in Lakeville and beyond. I am an active learner who is interested in ideas from everyone in my community that progress our community forward.
Leadership & Collaboration
I have been leading successful teams for over 25 years. From high school and college level captain roles to senior management and volunteer leadership, I have lead success through development of capable team members.
Budget Management 
My professional experience includes fiscally sound government program budget management and reporting. The Minnesota School Finance Guide is an excellent resource.
Student Focus
My priority is to focus on what is best for all students and their achievement. Complying with laws regulating public education and advocating for community input is imperative.
Public Education Advocacy
I am an active advocate for public education at the local, state, and national level and am able to collaborate with diverse populations.

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