McFadden Advertisement Misuses Kids

I recently saw a TV advertisement by McFadden, a creepy Minnesota politician. Republicans across the state should be going “ew” over the misuse of children in this ad.

To make my point, let’s imagine the ad from another perspective.

Picture ten little kids in a huddle around the coach. You can’t see their faces, just their bodies.

“Okay, coach,” says Ralph. The camera pans on a fifty year old man wearing the same uniform as the kids in the last group shot. He’s leaning in, and it’s the inside perspective.

“Ah, what?” Says Bill, who looks to be 45. He’s next to Ralph. “You mean I gotta do a speech about politics just to get on the field? Will you play me if I say ‘hell no’?”

The coach says, “Hey boys, I’m just trying for a smaller government. You want that, doncha? You want to play on a strong do-it-yourselfer? I mean, hell, we don’t use the word ‘team’ around here.”

Tim, bearded and pot-bellied, says, “Hell yeah. I’m a duck hunter too McFadden. I’ll say anything and you can play me even though I suck. I do like to bully those thin dudes at work, makes me feel like a man.”

Camera pans for the speech. At the end we back up and see the smiling kids ready to head on the field.

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