Kline Misses Hearing as Doctor Talks About the Real Fear of ObamaCare

Today, the Education and the Workforce Committee subcommittee held a field hearing on the harmful “Effects of the President’s Health Care Law”.

Chairman John Kline’s presence was not noted … which is too bad because there was some good medical advice offered … especially when John Kline is so concerned about “putting bureaucrats between Americans and their doctors.”

Dr. Robert Stone, the Director of Palliative Care at IU Health Bloomington Hospital said :
“While I agree the ACA needs a lot of improvement. I think the direction we’ve got to go is forward, cover more people and not backward away from coverage.”

“The real fear in this room today is not the ACA is somehow going to ruin this country, it’s the fear that the members here, including Mr. Messer, have that as the ACA goes forward and people are helped by it, they’re going to want to go further and not back,” said Dr. Robert Stone. “As people come to appreciate the ACA, they’re going to vote against politicians who are trying to repeal it and take it away from them.”

Tennessee Congressman David Roe responded “The ACA is the law of the land right now. We don’t think it’s the right approach to providing health care and we believe that we ought to try to provide affordable health care for all Americans.”

Indiana Congressmen Larry Buschon and Luke Messer were in attendance but Chairman Kline’s whereabouts is unknown.

Rather telling that Chairman Kline was not pushing his H.R. 3121 : American Health Care Reform Act, which is also sponsored by Congressmen Buschon, Messer and Roe. Conveniently, H.R. 3121 : American Health Care Reform Act has been assigned to his committee … yet Chairman Kline has been laying low.

For good reason … his Democrat challenger, Mike Obermueller has been getting attention for running For ObamaCare … not like Chairman Kline who has voted over 50 times to repeal, delay or defund ObamaCare … heck, Chairman Kline voted for legislation that would allow employers and insurers to opt out of preventative care for women which they find objectionable on moral or religious grounds. That prominently includes birth control, which most insurers are required as a basic provision under current Obamacare rules.
Yeah, John Kline is concerned about “putting bureaucrats between Americans and their doctors”, but has no problem allowing the boss to get between women and their doctors.

Mike Obermueller has a valid concern … reverting to the Kline’s proposal would re-empower the insurance companies … leaving people with pre-existing conditions to fight for coverage.
The Kline-sponsored American Health Care Reform Act address pre-existing conditions in

Subtitle B—Ensuring Coverage for Individuals With Preexisting Conditions and Multiple Health Care Needs Through High Risk Pools

‘‘The Secretary shall provide from the funds appropriated under subsection (d)(3)(A) a grant of up to $5,000,000 to each State …”

Yep, so maybe Minnesota might get up to $5 million for people to fight over … and then pay the higher premiums.
Oh, and that funding of course is subject to annual appropriations, so with the GOP Shutdown history, this funding is not assured.

What is painfully evident is that Dr. Stone’s warning is correct … “they’re going to vote against politicians who are trying to repeal it and take it away from them.”

2014 election is a simple choice … do you want shutdowns and loss of affordable healthcare … or do you want someone who will work for you ?

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