Norm Coleman Wants to Flip NINE Districts With a Focus on College Costs … REALLY

All politics is local … except when it becomes a national focus.

John Kline was in his customary campaign mode — appearing in TWENTY parades and declining invitations to forums like FarmFest and Student Debt Crisis Virtual Town Hall with occasional breaks for cigars and whiskey fundraisers, tele-town hall meetings and a lot of Franked mailings … and then came the tweets responding to Bill Maher’s request to identify one congressional district that could be flipped. John Kline was an early entry to the contest. And tonight, John Kline was announced as the winner … meaning that the Kline Agenda will be exposed. Yeah, there will be some campaign commercials that might make Chairman Kline angry … but that is what happens when you are targeted … when voters get to see how he voted on various bills.

So, John Kline is going to experience what will happen in nine other districts … thanks to Norm Coleman.

You remember Norm Coleman … that former DFLer with the cute daughter, Sarah, who sold us that when her Dad promised a stop at Dairy Queen, he delivered. Well, now, Norm Coleman is promising to spend Eight Million Dollars in nine districts …like $1.2 million against Tim Bishop (D-NY-01), $1 million against Joe Garcia (D-FL-26), $1 million against Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ-01) $750,000 against Ami Bera (D-CA-07), $750,000 against Ron Barber (D-AZ-02) $600,000 against Rick Nolan (D-MN-08), $500,000 against Pete Gallego (D-TX-23), $500,000 against Scott Peters (D-CA-52), and $1 million for an open seat in VA-10 … plus more for polling.
SIDENOTE : In addition to the ads from Norm Coleman’s group, the National Republican Campaign Committee has launched ads against Rick Nolan and Collin Peterson (D-MN-07) … so Minnesotans are being targeted this cycle.

What makes Norm Coleman’s group interesting is that besides the running television commercials, there is a proposed solution to how to make college more affordable.

The American Action Forum (AAF) wants to give college students six suggestions for trimming the cost of a college education.

Shockingly, the For-Profit industry is never mentioned … instead there is an encouragement to utilize community colleges (hmmm, seems that Norm Coleman realizes that students pay less at a community college than at the John Kline-protected For-Profit schools.)
There is the suggestion to avoid unsubsidized student loans … which are available through several banks, credit unions, and loan companies. The inference is that Stafford subsidized Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) is better for the student than from a private lender’s unsubsidized student loans.

Yet, one statement sticks out … “At the current interest rate of 4.66 percent” … yes, that 4.66% rate which previously was 3.4% until Chairman Kline decided to reform the student loan program … yes, that rate that will change every year, THANKS to Chairman John Kline.
Yes, that is the rate that has been called a profit-making machine for the government.
Yes, that is the rate that some Members want reduced … but Chairman John Kline refuses to allow a vote.

Student loans and student debt is one of the prime reasons that John Kline was nominated for #FlipADistrict, and the funny thing is that when Senator Norm Coleman sent his son to college, he had him sign up for a student loan …. I wonder if today, Senator Coleman would look at how Chairman John Kline has “reformed” the student loan system, if he would still encourage his children to get loans or if as a Senator, he would have embraced Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar’s position that student loans should not be a profit-center.

Will Norm Coleman be successful in flipping nine districts ?
Will Bill Maher help flip the Second District ?

Time will tell … but what we do know is that the parade season is over, so will John Kline finally decide that he will need to participate in any open to the public forums ?
As voters, we need to hear directly from the candidates … not from Norm Coleman, Bill Maher or any of the candidate’s patrons … let’s hear directly from John Kline and Mike Obermueller.

The election season has officially began.

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