Unwanted Headlines : Adrian Peterson and John Kline

In response to Adrian Peterson’s separation from the Minnesota Vikings, Ziggy Wilf stepped forward at today’s press conference and announced “We made a mistake, and we needed to get it right.

By now, even non-football fans have heard about Adrian Peterson “disciplining” his child (err children). Mr. Peterson was “disciplined” as a child as reported in The USA Today :

PALESTINE, Texas — David Cummings and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson still talk about the frequent whippings Peterson’s father administered — and one whipping in particular.
Cummings says he and Peterson were leaving football practice while in middle school when Peterson’s father, Nelson, was waiting near the parking lot.
School officials had called Nelson Peterson to report that Adrian had been disruptive in class, recalled Cummings, who played football and basketball with Adrian Peterson during their youth and through high school.
“His dad asked what happened, and Adrian told him,” Cummings said.
With that, Nelson Peterson unstrapped his belt and whipped Adrian Peterson in front of more than 20 students, Cummings said.

Corporal punishment is legal in Texas.

This story has created unwelcome headlines for the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson … which has a lot of people talking … except remaining silent is John Kline.

Why mention John Kline … no, not because of his Texas upbringing but instead to his role as Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee where there is a bill related to the use of corporal punishment, restraints and seclusion awaiting Chairman Kline to act.

Many view corporal punishment – physical pain as a form of discipline – as an outdated practice … yet, it is more common than you may have thought.

Did you read the story that according to public records, in Southeast Texas school districts at least 1,500 times students were paddled.

Did you know that in 19 State’s public schools legally inflict violent pain punishment (some hit children with big wooden spanking paddles) on over 200,000 public schoolchildren K-12 each year ?

Committee Chairman John Kline (Conservative-MN-02) has killed two proposed federal bills in previous Congresses and this term, he has refused to allow a vote on H.R. 5005 “The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act of 2014“.

This is not a new topic of discussion on the Roundtable where it has been cited his debate with Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA-05).
Chairman Kline believes our nation’s children’s constitutional/civil/human rights to equal protection against assault by state actors as school punishment is a “States’ Rights Issue“.

The problems are not just in Texas … Darrell Meece, an education professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, says paddling only makes things worse. His review of data on corporal punishment found that kids who are paddled are three times more likely not to graduate high school.

Children who are living in poverty, children who are in minority groups are less likely to graduate in the first place. We know that,” he said. “Corporal punishment exacerbates that, it makes it even less likely that they graduate. These are vulnerable kids already.”

John Kline takes great pride in professing his strong support for protecting unborn fetuses but school children do not get that same response.

And this is not a new issue … as ABC News issued an investigative report about Chairman Kline asking : WHY is Congressman Kline Blocking a Bill That Would Protect Kids with Autism ?

And with the backdrop of Mr. Peterson being subject to some unwanted headlines, so are the headlines that John Kline was won a nationwide challenge and worse yet Bill Maher’s #FlipADistrict has made him a “target” … with many voters cited his rejection of H.R. 5005 as the reason that he won … and they were targeting him for a long time :

Target: United States Representative John Kline, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce
Goal: Pass legislation limiting the use of forced restraint and physical isolation against students to emergency situations.
According to some congressional Republicans, the right of schools to forcibly restrain and isolate students in their care is more important than human rights.
Together with school district lobbyists, a group of conservative lawmakers is working to prevent any federal limit on these practices beyond clear emergencies.

Parents and students are waiting for the day when John Kline calls a press conference and announces “I made a mistake, and we needed to get it right, so I am calling for an immediate vote on H.R. 5005 Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools.”

To learn more about the Kline Agenda and why he won the #FlipADistrict challenge, visit the RepealJohnKline.com website.

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