Kline’s First Commercial of 2014 Focuses on Legislation That Ended on October 1st

In 2012, John Kline ran one television commercial for his re-election … it had a simple message, that America needed a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution in order to Force Washington To Be Responsible

That commercial failed to mention his one “success” of 2012 … the one bill that he authored and was signed into law by the President.

That was 2012 campaign … and now, it’s 2014 … so with John Kline getting a lot of nationwide attention for raising student loan interest rates and refusing to allow a vote on refinancing of student loans, so his first commercial goes back to 2012 legislation.

The legislation was H. R. 4045 and it was in response to the Pentagon action which had changed the rules regarding the Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence program.
The Star-Tribune wrote about the legislation and suggested why the Pentagon took this action :
Money is most likely the motivation: America’s unsustainable budget deficit means that the Pentagon budget, like those of nearly every other governmental sector, will soon shrink.
The Defense Department is facing at least $487 billion in cuts over the next decade, and more cuts could come under budget triggers set for next year.

Remember John Kline wants “Washington To Be Responsible” … yet, he told the Star-Tribune
Kline said the Congressional Budget Office had not yet “scored” the bill, so no specific cost estimate on what it would take to restore the benefits is available

Despite the lack of how much it would cost, the legislation authorized a transfer of funds from the Pentagon Reservation Maintenance Revolving Fund … so some other unspecified program will take the hit.

The bill — the only bill that John Kline authored that was enacted that term — was approved by the House on a Voice Vote three months after John Kline offered it. The Senate approved the bill two days later by unanimous consent and the President signed it on May 25, 2012.
The legislation has an end date … October 1, 2014.

So although the legislation was enacted last term and ended earlier this month, John Kline is desperately reminding voters of his one “success”.
Funny thing is, considering that this was so approved with no opposition, does anybody think that Mike Obermueller would have not supported it ? If anything, maybe the question should be asked why did it take three months for the House Republicans to allow a vote ?

The Kline commercial also promotes the “sex-trafficking” issue … once again, another legislative issue that has been approved with ZERO opposition.

The third legislative item is the Workforce Improvement Act … something that Senator Al Franken has also promoted … but the big difference is that the final version of the bill stripped out a majority of Chairman Kline’s proposals … making more like the Democrats-version H.R. 798. The original Kline bill was approved by the House 215-202 as 14 Republicans rejected it. After the Senate revised it (passing it 95-3), the House accepted the Senate version by a vote of 415-6. For Chairman Kline to claim this as an example of bi-partisanship is confusing.

John Kline is portraying himself as a “bipartisan” guy … which is kinda hard to do when he has voted over 55 times to repeal/delay/deny aspects of the Affordable Care Act which he stated was a valid reason to shutdown the government.

John Kline’s problem is that it is tough to fearmonger when the news headlines do not co-operate.
— the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its September 2014 employment report, which showed that the U.S. economy added 248,000 total nonfarm jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 5.9 percent. September marked the seventh month this year our economy has added 200,000 or more private-sector jobs.
— with last week’s announcement that GDP grew 4.6 percent in the second quarter, it is clear we are moving in the right direction
— gasoline in Mankato has dropped below $3.00 per gallon.
— and that student debt issue … which is impacting the ability for people to purchase homes. According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, homeownership among millennials in the 25-34 age group has decreased by eight percentage points between 2004 and 2013.

John Kline needs to move pass his sole 2012 accomplishment and tell voters what he can do for them in 2015 … because Mike Obermueller is.

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