ObamaCare : Nothing was lost, but much was gained so why does Kline want to repeal it

The recent announcement that PreferredOne was not going to participate in the MNsure program brought the expected bashing by those opposed to the Affordable Care Act.
Then there was the announcement of the expected rates changes … which brought the expected questioning of the overall rate change and bashing of the program.

Let’s ignore those headline stories and read the OpEd from the Rochester Post-Bulletin :
Our View: Southeast Minnesota sees good MNsure news

The editorial does a good job of acknowledging the “political” analysis offered by Governor Mark Dayton, Republican-challenger Jeff Johnson and even Jake Duesenberg of the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance.

Here’s the key point in the OpEd :
Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman suggests those seeking insurance need to look for comparisons of similar plans that exist. “This year’s plan prices, if you look at them apples-to-apples to what they were last year and what they are this year, the insurance companies have offered products at a lower cost,” he said.

That comparison is especially easy in southeast Minnesota, where PreferredOne was never an option. Residents in the 10 counties in this corner of the state had access to plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medica of Wisconsin this year, and the same two providers are in play for 2015. That means the companies’ plan to provide five times the options next year is a true improvement.

Nothing was lost, but much was gained.

New plan options will range from the least expensive bronze tier to the most costly platinum tier, which must cover 90 percent of the expected costs of an average person.

With more choices, the two companies are bringing lower costs to the region, Rothman said. One company is offering a silver plan option with a 13.3 percent rate decrease next year. And the other company provides its lowest-cost option with a rate decrease of more than 2 percent.

Yesterday, Tim Walz and Jim Hagedorn, the two candidates on the ballot for the First District participated in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, KAAL-TV, the Post-Bulletin and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.

Though no specific question was asked about the Affordable Care Act, Hagedorn, a businessman who worked for years on Capitol Hill, said that’s the main reason he got involved in the race.
One of the reasons I want to go to Washington is to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Hagedorn said.

Hagedorn wants to join John Kline’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act … but the funny thing is that John Kline refuses to participate in any debates to explain his legislation — H. R. 3121 the American Health Care Reform Act — and how that would effect his constituents.

Worse yet, John Kline campaign commercial ignores the issue that has dominated the House Republican agenda — Repealing ObamaCare — instead portraying John Kline as a guy who “works across the aisle” to “deliver” for Minnesota.

Contrary to what the Kline campaign would want constituents to believe, ObamaCare is not socialized medicine … heck, it’s the insurance companies that are still competing (with some dropping out and some expanding — the way the “free market” should work) with the important caveat … the insurance companies must offer an expected level of care and not earn excessive compensation — things that John Kline’s bill does not address.

A vote for Jim Hagedorn or John Kline is a vote to repeal ObamaCare and throw the healthcare system into chaos.

Carlos Galindo

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