Bad News for the MN GOP — CNBC declared MN BEST STATE FOR BUSINESS!

Congrats Governor Dayton, Congrats Minnesota Dems! You know who is not doing well for business? Red states trying to follow conservative economic policies, which are consistently failures, like Kansas and Louisiana.

From the PiPress

CNBC says Minnesota top state for doing business
By David Montgomery

Minnesota is the top state in the country for doing business, a new report from cable network CNBC concluded Wednesday.

The ranking is based on CNBC’s formula of 10 different categories such as economic strength, education, cost of doing business and infrastructure.

Minnesota didn’t win any one category but ranked in the top 10 in half of them. Its strength in education (ranked 2), quality of life (3) and economy (5) canceled out lower rankings in cost of doing business (35) and cost of living (32).

“Never since we began rating the states in 2007 has a high-tax, high-wage, union-friendly state made it to the top of our rankings,” CNBC’s Scott Cohn wrote in his announcement of the win. “But Minnesota does so well in so many other areas — like education and quality of life — that its cost disadvantages fade away.”

In a live interview on CNBC, Gov. Mark Dayton defended Minnesota’s comparatively high tax rates.

“We’re not a low tax state, but we’re a high value state,” Dayton said.

Governor Dayton… are you SURE you won’t reconsider and run for a 3rd term?