John Kline $350,000 Lawsuit; Dr. Mary Lawrence Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling

Anyone who read John Kline’s Wall Street Journal OpEd An Off-Ramp From ObamaCare, will remember that one of its stated goals was to “Stop frivolous lawsuits”
… so, you ask what is an example of a frivolous lawsuit ?

How about United States House of Representatives v. Burwell, et al ?

Yeah, you remember that one … the one that John Kline voted for the House to file (actually, all 225 votes in favor of filing a lawsuit were Republicans, and 5 Republicans joined 196 Democrats to vote against such a lawsuit.)
The suit was brought on November 21, 2014, asserting that the Obama Administration has acted illegally in implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The law firm BakerHostetler has been contracted to handle the lawsuit. According to the contract, the lawsuit will cost the House up to $350,000, billed at a rate of $500/hour. Err … not the House, it will cost the American taxpayers !

That’s the games John Kline and the Republicans are playing with our health care.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling should be a wake-up call to the “children” to accept reality … ObamaCare is here to stay.

Sadly, John Kline issued a press release — barely updating the verbiage from his June 28, 2012 press release after another Supreme Court ruling …

Congress must continue its efforts to repeal it.

ObamaCare continues to destroy jobs, raise health care costs, and weaken our economy

This was not lost on Dr. Mary Lawrence who noted in her response to the ruling, John Kline’s latest press release :

John Kline has voted more than 50 times to kill ACA.
Here is what he just posted: “…it doesn’t change our resolve to repeal it.”

Dr. Lawrence has announced her intentions to challenge John Kline in the next election … read her complete statement :

Today, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I applaud them.

This case should never have come before the Court, as it turned on minor, sloppy wordsmithing. The fact that it did reflects a scorched earth approach by the hard right ideologues to deny healthcare for all Americans.

This is a huge victory for America. As a doctor, I know how important the ACA is for the 16.4 million Americans that would not have health insurance without ACA. I also see the positive impact the ACA has had on those with preexisting conditions and on young adults who are now allowed to stay on their parents’ coverage until age 26. As a country, we are all better off if we all have proper healthcare.

The Supreme Court’s ruling shows how far we’ve come as a nation – we are now able to make sure that those less fortunate can afford health insurance. Can ACA be improved? Of course! But it will take a bipartisan effort to improve.

The long and short of it is this: Our opponents do not want affordable, quality healthcare to be a right of all Americans.

John Kline has voted more than 50 times to kill ACA. Here is what he just posted: “…it doesn’t change our resolve to repeal it.”

Make no mistake, I believe access to affordable, quality healthcare is a right in a society like ours. That is why I applaud the Supreme Court for upholding the ACA.

Many thanks for your ongoing support

NOTE : Dr. Lawrence is not the only DFLer who has announced her intentions to challenge John Kline, Angie Craig also weighed in with a statement on the ruling.

Congress is wasting time … not only with frivolous lawsuits, but also by passing FY2016 Budgets that dictate that ObamaCare will be repealed.

It’s time to end this “kick the can down the road” practice of extending expiring legislation instead of taking necessary action … the Highway Trust Fund question will be punted again … and Chairman Kline can only look at himself for failing to reform No Child Left Behind. His Student Success Act, which has been dubbed Ensure Students Don’t Succeed Act, has been bashed by the US Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, parent groups, and political activist groups … and was pulled from House consideration in February … setting up another extension of NCLB.

It’s time for new leadership in Washington and the end of gamesmanship.

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