As Minnesota Steps Up Scrutiny of For-profit Colleges, John Kline Donors Invest in his Campaign

Last week, MPR had a story

Minnesota steps up scrutiny of for-profit colleges in the aftermath of a U.S. Senate committee report which criticized states for being too passive in monitoring them …

The crux of the story concerns student debt and default rates which was also the subject of a recent court ruling by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan who ruled against the For-profit schools. Prompting a response from Donna Stelling-Gurnett, executive director of Association of Proprietary Colleges, “we remain steadfast in our conviction that this regulation does not achieve those goals. Despite headlines suggesting otherwise, most proprietary colleges are providing strong programs and producing strong outcomes, and the best interests of their students are worth championing.”

And to achieve those goals, the For-Profit industry is weighing in with their dollars … specifically to Chairman John Kline … just check out his second quarterfundraising tally with an emphasis on those For-Profit schools.

$ 500 Daniel Bachus, Grand Canyon University
$5,000 Mark Brenner, Apollo Group
$1,000 Charles E Callahan, Plaza College
$2,000 Charles E. Callahan, III Plaza College
$1,000 Elizabeth K. Callahan, Plaza College
$5,000 Gregory Cappelli, Apollo Group
$1,000 Conwey Casillas, Apollo Group
$1,000 David Conklin, Jamestown Business College
$2,700 John Kevin Gilligan, Capella Education Company
$1,000 Roberta Greenberg, Monroe College
$2,500 Marc Jerome, Monroe College
$2,500 Stephen Jerome, Monroe College
$5,200 David Kaufman, Hebrew Union College
$5,700 Victor Klatt, Penn Hill Group
$1,250 Ivan Londa, New York Career Institute
$2,500 Timothy Luing, Berkley College
$ 500 Dilek Marsh, Grand Canyon University
$ 500 Stan Meyer, Grand Canyon University
$ 500 Joe Mildenhall, Grand Canyon University
$1,000 Alexander Nock, Penn Hill Group
$1,000 Danica Petroshi, Penn Hill Group
$1,500 D’Arcy George Philps, Penn Hill Group
$2,500 David Rhodes, School of Visual Arts
$ 500 Brian Roberts, Grand Canyon University
$5,000 Peter Sperling, Apollo Group
$5,000 Marcie Stein, Education, Corporation of America
$ 500 Donna Stelling-Gurnett, Association of Proprietary Colleges
$1,500 Ernest H. Sutkowski, Westchester Business Institute
$1,000 Brian Swartz, Apollo Group
$1,000 Colette Temmink, Apollo Group
$10,000 Apollo Group PAC
$1,000 Education Inc. PAC
$2,000 Capella Education Co. PAC
$5,000 Grand Canyon Inc. PAC

$79,850 … and that’s only the big donors that made contributions directly to the KlineForCongress campaign … with the “Citizens”United possibilities, the For-Profit “citizens” want to make sure their voice remains in Washington.

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