Mike McFadden to “Replace” John Kline in Congress ? Really ? ? ?

Anyone remember … Learn, Earn and Serve

OK … the Earn part is simple : According to a filing for his failed US Senate run, Mike McFadden was worth between 15 and 57 million dollars in 2013

The Serve part may now move from the US Senate to representing the Second District in the House of Representatives

The Learn part … well that is questionable.

Admittedly, McFadden comes into a district that is extremely favorable to Republicans … not only did John Kline win in 2014 but voters also favored Jeff Johnson for Governor and Dan Severson for Secretary of State while casting more votes for Republicans than DFLers to represent them in the Minnesota legislature.

Yep, no reason that someone like State Senators Eric Pratt and Dave Thompson or State Representatives Steve Drazkowski and Tony Albright wouldn’t want to “move up” to Congress.
But Mike McFadden ?

Really, Mike ?

As others have opined, John Kline “is starting to burn out on Washington, D.C.” and now with being “term-limited out of his chairmanship of the House Education and the Workforce Committee” which is “the congressional equivalent of being knocked down from brigadier general”.

Mike, ya gotta understand how House Republicans work … doesn’t matter how much money you have, you get assigned to a committee and work your way up to grabbing a gavel … then you hold the gavel as the Party leaders tell you what to do.

Mike, you ain’t gonna be the CEO (or brigadier general) … you’re applying to be a grunt.

Mike, I understand why you would want to be a US Senator … their rules are different. There you might be able to sway some influence on Day One as every vote counts when neither party has a filibuster proof majority. But in the Republican-controlled House, there are two factions … the Party Leadership and the Rabble Rousers (you can call ‘em, the House Freedom Caucus, the TEA Party Caucus, or the Republican Study Committee, but it’s the ones that are challenging the Leadership.)

John Kline is leaving because he is fed up … it took him years to build up the seniority to grab that gavel … then the Rabble Rousers rejected his vision for reforming No Child Left Behind.

The House which spent exhaustive time debating and voting to defund ObamaCare to no avail is now taking procedural steps (H.R. 3460 and 3461) to reject the Iran deal … which are clearly a waste of time … add to that the wasted time on Confederate flags and other meaningless partisan issues, why would you want to subject yourself to that mess ?
With a government broaching another shutdown, what has the House done this week … passed five meaningless bills on Monday (four via voice vote and one in which two Republicans rejected using the Internet for warranty filings) and Tuesday, they did absolutely nothing … the GOP Shutdown clock is ticking.

Mike, I thought that you had a brain when you were smart enough to “let your money do the talking” … being a contributor to John Kline’s re-election campaigns (maybe you can get a refund on that $1,500 June 2 donation for Kline’s primary challenge), but do you really want to spend your personal fortune for a job that pays $174,000 and requires you to split your time “working” 152 days in DC fighting against (or with) the Rabble Rousers ?

Com’n Mike … don’t you see why people are telling you to run … they just want you to self-fund the campaign and then they will let you sit on the back-bench.
Let’s be real … others have reasons for running (opposing worker’s rights, restricting women’s rights, denouncing same-sex marriage, denying climate concerns, protecting gun rights, or having your wife represent your banking friends), but you are an “investment banker” by trade so do what “investment bankers” do, buy somebody.
You shoulda “Learn“ed that already.

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